I'm Back !

I'm back to the blogsphere finally. How's everyone there? Well, you all must be wondering where have we gone for our honeymoon? Haha......We have not go to honeymoon yet as I just discovered that my BB is worrying that he might be going under a leg surgery.

I have tonnes of things to share with you all for my wedding day & also the life after marriage. So where shall I start first?

The Day Before ........

Tomorrow is the day. So what have I done so far?

These finger nails art was done this morning.

This was done on Thursday. I love the color. The credit goes to Belinda from Ler Beauty.

Playing with the camera shots with my lovely nephew. But he was busy eating his food.

The prayer for tomorrow has just set.

Flowers from my SIL. Thanks Ee Ting!

This bag was specially made for collecting all the wishes from family & relatives.

This basket is for the flower girl, Janelle.

This wrist band is for my bridesmaid.

P/S: The last 3 items were designed and made by Ambridge Cottage. Do drop me a comment if you want their contact.

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