29 Weeks of Pregnancy

I'm entering my 29 weeks of pregnancy now. 30, 31, 32,......38, 39 & 40! D-day is getting nearer. What is my feeling now? Frankly speaking, I don't know. Chin Nee asked about my birth plan the other day. I was blurred for a while. What birth plan are you talking about? Then she started telling me that I could opt for hypnobirthing, dim lights setting, music, etc. When you are so much in pain during that moment, will those stuffs actually help you into deep relaxation? But for sure, I will request Epidural for my labor.

For the past 2 weeks, I have been experiencing some weird feelings around my uterus / cervix?? Hmmm... It is like pulse rhythm but it is much stronger. It wasn't pain at all. I would say it is uncomfortable. Was it a contraction? Hey Ethan, you can't come out now, ok. I kept telling him to wait till Weeks 38 onwards. Hope he got Mummy's message. Haha..

Babysitter vs Maids

Do you enjoy your pregnancy? Frankly speaking, I do & I don't sometimes. I remembered that my best friend, Ginn did asked me a question after my marriage. "Are you prepared to have a baby?" I told her that of course I'm prepared for it & I even stressed when my menses reported to me each month!

I understood what Ginn was trying to tell me now. Yes, from the day I conceived till now, I was like riding on a roller coaster. The stress can be much more greater than achieving my sales budget. I was stressed out with lots of issues; be it my condition, our relationship & also our baby. Worse still, when Hubby B is working in KL. Sometimes, when I really need him, he is not with me. By the time we meet in the weekend, I have lost some of the interests to share or I have forgotten what to tell him already.

My friends used to assume that Hubby B is a Mummy's Boy. But they were wrong. He never is & in fact, he has very strong characters; which sometimes I have to accept him as he is. As I'm staying with my PIL, sometimes things can be quite complicated depending on how you looking at it. When issues arise, who will you side to? Justice? If both parties are at fault, you can tell your Hubby off. But do you have the guts to tell your PIL that they were wrong too? I bet not many DIL dare to do so. Seriously, BB & MIL are time bombs because you will never know when is the next explosion going to be?

So when my SIL blogged about me on Pregnancy-Related Decison, I knew that certain of our decisions have already annoyed our PIL. We understand their care & concern to us & Baby Ethan. Indeed, we appreciated it very much. It is true (BB told me so). In return, we also care for them a lot. For instance, we decided to engage a confinement lady during my confinement period. MIL did not agree with the idea as we have a maid to help out. However, we worry that we can't cope with it. Maid needs to do her house chores & I need ample rest. Then when it comes to night care, we rather have the CL to take care of the baby because of MIL's health condition. We wants her to have a peaceful mind so that she can play with her grandson without much worries.

The most recent one should be The 2 maids issue. Again, we discussed and agreed to get a babysitter to take care of Ethan. We found the babysitter before the old maid requested to come back to work for us again. Since PIL trusted Susana so much & we also have a new contract maid, PIL has proposed to us to let one of the maid to take care of baby Ethan.

Initially, I do not really agree with the idea. I laid off my concerns to MIL. For me, cleanliness & hygiene, especially around baby is vital. They can develop minor illness & become ill very quickly. We have a puppy at home & Susana loves to let her wonder around the house. Well, I'll prefer to place it outside the house than letting her in the house because she pees and poops as she likes. Yes, I do not deny that having mild infections in early life can protect against some illness later, but according to the doctors, animals may trigger asthma too. So prevention is always better. No one would wanna see a baby suffers with all the medication, nebulizer & also hospitalization right?

If Susana can comply to this basic request, I do not mind for the maids to take care of Ethan. After another round of discussion with BB, he still prefer to send Ethan to babysitter. Following are his 3 main concerns:

  1. He analyzed the 2 maids. Though Eus is soft spoken and obedient, her awareness level is quite low. So for her to take care of Ethan, she might not inform us immediately if baby is having any sudden sickness. Though Susana is a much smarter one, she might has her way of doing things. When things go wrong, she will not admit it. Moreover, she loves going out. What if one fine day, Eus will runaway with Ethan? Nobody knows right?

  2. He said that he will only let the maids handle Ethan if MIL is willing to stay home. He needs someone to supervise / monitor the maids. Aiyo... it is kind of difficult to get MIL to stay at home right? Again, as a DIL, this is not within my authority to tell her so.

  3. He agreed that to get a good babysitter is depending on our luck as well. But he trusts that babysitter can perform a much better job than maids; in term of handling baby related issues. At least for the first year when baby's health development is critical.
Sigh... I'm caught in dilemma now. MIL kept selling the benefits of having the maids to take care of the baby & BB insisted to have a babysitter. If Susana never comes back, we believe that this will not be an issue right?

27 & 28 Weeks of Pregnancy

It was rather busy weeks for us. I was on duty for 2 days in PJ. Though it was tiring, but I enjoyed the days very much. Mainly bacause our company is closing soon and we cherished the moments of getting together. Besides, I had a good shopping too. I ended up buying most of my stuffs than baby Ethan's one. Haha....

In week 27, baby Ethan's weight was at 1kg, which is normal. He was in the anterior posture so Dr. Vincent failed to capture his face. For this mummy, my weight only increased for another 1kg. So total increase is only 6kg. Is this increment normal?

Consultation fees: RM 50

Glass Feeding Bottles

I remembered that my mum fed my younger brother with glass feeding bottles when he was a baby. In fact, most of the olden days mother practiced the same way too. In the 80's and 90's, the trend has switched to plastic feeding bottles again. The reasons are glass bottle is heavy & fragile. It may break during late night feeding. Moreover, you can never let you growing baby have the ease to learn to self-feed because the weight of the glass hinders him to prop the bottle up all by himself.

For quite sometime, nursing mothers have made plastic bottles their top choice because of the durability and practicability. However, due to certain health issues with plastic manufacture, glass baby bottles have made a big come back. For example, Biphenol A (BPA) was known to be hazardous to infants most especially causing health problems like cancer and hormone system change. I have posted few links below for your further reference.

As a new mother-to-be, I have known my priorities for my baby Ethan at the moment. Glass bottles will be my choice. It does not retain odor after soap wash & does not pose any health hazards to baby. When our baby starts to learn holding his bottle, then I'll switch it to BPA free feeding bottles. What do you think of this idea?

Braxton Hicks Contractions

Seriously, I do not know what do Braton Hicks Contractions feel like! I was awaken by a very uncomfortable pain in the middle of Thursday night. My abdomen and my lower back were in pain! My uterus was hard. Suddenly I felt a sensation of dizziness & I wanted to throw out too. I wanted to go down the bed but was worried I may faint! I really freaked out because I didn't know what was happening. I thought I was going into premature labor or worse. I told myself to relax by taking in few deep breathing exercise.

The pain still persist & I slowly walked to the toilet. I hold my phone with me in case that I need help from my family. However, I was relieved after seeing there are no signs of blood or watery discharge on my panty liner. I went to my bed again & I started to communicate to Ethan. As I talked to him, I fall into my wonderland again................ So is this what you called a BHC?

25 & 26 Weeks of Pregnancy

My PUPPP is much better after taking Piriton 4mg & also frequent Olive Oil application. Though the itch is spreading to the back and buttock but it is much more bearable compared to the initial attack! At least I can have a peaceful night nowadays.

Ethan is getting active each day. You can feel his movements very often. He is also very responsive when I played the music for him. Sometimes, I will play with him by tickling him. Haha... Wonder how does he feel in my womb? I remembered that in one of my conversation with Hubby B the other day. I told him that Ethan boy sure afraid of me next time cause I am with him most of the times. So he will prefer to stick to his Daddy as Daddy only sees him during the weekend. Hence, he will definitely play & fullfill most of his needs rather than the evil Mummy. Surprisingly, BB said that he will still punish Ethan boy if he is naughty!

Well, as times go by, I feel that it is not easy to raise up a kid. You need lots of patience and passion throughout their growing journey. I must admit that I am not really a patience person. Recently, my 4 years old nephew KJ doesn't like to do his homework. Whenever we asked him to do his homework, he will give the excuse that he wants his mum to guide him. This 2 days, I have insisted him to finish his homework himself. He will ask his Grandma to hold his hand to write or he will just play with his stationary. I couldn't stand his attitude & scolded him. He cried terribly without any reason. I don't even hit on him. He knows how to write the word but he is just being lazy and lost of concentration. It is hurt to scold him but I just couldn't help it. I guess he didn't feel good too. What are we suppose to do le?? Or we should just let him be and enjoy his entire childhood? Sigh.....Will Ethan feel hurt to see his Mummy behave so furious towards his cousin brother?

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