8 weeks of Pregnancy

Everything seems stable now. The brownish discharge has gone. Just that my appetite is still very poor during the dinner time. I hardly can eat. Normally I will just drink a bowl of soup without eating any rice. I do not like fish and vege anymore. I prefer something sweet and sour. Hehe... That was how I gotten mum to cook sweet sour pork rib for me on last Tuesday.

Oh yeah, I'm still having "night sickness" on and off. Even though I do not eat much, I am suffering from indigestion. I have nausea too. That's why BB always tease me that most pregnant ladies are suffering from morning sickness but I'm the weird one - night sickness. Haha....

I am also hunger for cold stuffs nowadays, especially Ribena, Honey Lemon and ice-cream. But I'm trying to restrict myself from taking too much cause worry of the high sugar contents. I do not wanna end up with complications later. Hehe...


I went for checkup this morning. Dr. Liu did a scan for me & he turned on the speaker. Suddenly I heard "Pi Pa Pi Pa........". It is our baby heartbeat. The tiny heart is beating at the incredible rate. The size is also bigger compared to my last visit. Oh gosh.... it is so amazing. I can't believe that I'm carrying a baby now.

I knew Dr. Liu since I worked in Pfizer. He is always a nice doctor. We chatted for quite a while this morning. He has given me lots of advice and opinion for my this 1st pregnancy. Appreciated it very much.

I called up BB after the checkup (his is up to KL for checkup as well). I can't hide my excitement. Hope to bring him along during my next visit with Dr. Vishnu so that he could also have the chance to hear our baby heartbeat for the very first time. Hehe... still undecided to go under which OGBYN. Will decide after my 1st trimester.

Consultation fees: RM 40.

Mood Swings

Should I blame on my hormones? Sometimes up and sometimes down. I read an article which says that these swings may be more pronounced in the 1st trimester because the hormonal havoc is at its peak.

I expect BB to be as excited as me for our first baby. But he is just normal. I don't deny that he did help whenever I have a request. However, I find myself having difficulties to talk to him nowadays. I feel stress. I scare that I said something wrong and he will bombard me again.

I refused to talk to him yesterday though he did try to cheer me up. He tried again when we were watching the series, I can't hold my tears anymore. I cried. I told him how I felt all this while. He explained to me. He told me that he does not want to see me behaving such a way. He do not blame me. He said that it was due to my hormonal changes during the pregnancy and he understood.

We have a good talk and I can see that he was also crying just now. I have hurt my love one. I do not want this to happen again. BB taught me that whenever I am angry, I gotta remind myself that it is due to my hormonal changes. Do not keep on dragging and thinking of the issue. It is bad for me and also the baby as well.

I feel better after pouring out my dissatisfaction and unhappiness. I am going to enjoy my pregnancy from now onwards.


My yeast infection has cured almost 90%. I do not suffer from the itchiness anymore. Maybe because I still apply the cream every night.

However, I spotted brown again this morning. The discharge was darker this time. So my day was down again. The brownish discharge seems ok now. Sigh.... Anyway, I gave up seeing my OBGYN this time. I even told the little one that he / she is stressing Mummy so much and so frequent. My friends and my SIL have advised me not to walk so much. They told me to rest well for the 1st trimester.

My friend, Liza even called to advise me this evening. She told me that the risks are there at any point of the pregnancy. If the fetus is fated to be with us, it will be! So I should not have stressed up myself so much. Ya, her advice does make sense. So I will try to be more cool & calm from now onwards.

Many of my friends have shown so much concerns to me ever since I'm preggie. Thanks you to all of you. I appreciated it very much.

Yeast Infection During 6 Weeks of Pregnancy

I experienced vaginal itchiness recently. Initially I thought it was due to the weather and also the use of panty liner. But the situation got worse. I had some yellowish and greenish discharge. My vulva and labia are suffering from the burning sensation. I can't stand anymore. This morning, it even has a very light spotting on my panty liner.

I visited my OBGYN again. Guess Dr. Vishnu must be wondering why am I visiting him so frequent recently. Haha...

I described my condition to him. He actually told me that it is quite common for pregnant woman to suffer from yeast infection. He put me on suppository. Luckily, the insertion was not a painful one. He also given me some cream to treat for this infection.

The suppository leaked out later in the evening. I also seen some spotting (very mild) when I went to the toilet. Hopefully, this spotting was due to the fungal infection and not anything else. Or could it due to the suppository? Sigh....... woman ah woman!

Consultation fees: RM 30

Brownish Spotting

Last Sunday evening, I experienced some brownish spotting. I was worried and has been wondering was it due to my completion of progesterone. After dinner, I came up to the room and googled about this symptom. I read some negative feedback. When Hubby B came up and saw my sour face, he has comforted me and stopped me from browsing the net anymore. The next day, I went to consult Dr. Vishnu. He told me it is quite normal to have this type of discharge during 1st trimester. As long as it is not fresh blood, then the fetus is fine and safe. However, he put me for another 1-month of progesterone due to my past history of endometriosis.

He did an ultrasound for me and we saw the embryo. I even requested him to print out for me.

Dr. Vishnu must be a conservative OBGYN! He said that he understood my joy of being pregnant, but he also advised me to keep my finger cross that the 1st trimester will be passing through smoothly. Yeah, I understood & don't blame him for saying that because miscarriage is most common in the 1st trimester.

My next visit will be on the 1st week of Mar. Just pray hard that everything will go on well and I shall see our baby heartbeat by that time.

Consultation charge: RM 120


Father-to-be was playing with Ben during Gladys's open house. Wondering was he practicing himself to be a father?

Father-to-be will leaving us to KL to work soon (if he got through the interview). I did express my worries to him. I worry that I could not cope with the pregnancy alone. I worry that when the time I need him, he is not around me. It can be quite stressful sometimes. He has assured me that he can drive home whenever I need him. He assured me that this is only temporarily. As soon as everything is stable, he might quit and come back. He assured me that..... so many assurance he has promising me. Sigh.........

I know that the times are bad. So what can I ask more. I just pray that I can go through this pregnancy happily and peacefully.

The Sesame Seed

Since my last visit with Dr. Vishnu, I was worried with the development of my baby. Dr. Vishnu failed to see the sac through his 2D ultrasound machine. My next visit to him is on next Monday. Whoa......... such a long waiting period! I could not hold my curiosity and worry anymore. While driving home this evening, I decided to drop by at Dr. Liu's clinic.

Since Dr. Liu was not in, Dr. Vincent did the scan for me. Yes, I saw our baby. Though it is just a sac, but I'm definitely happy to see that our baby is safe in my uterus. Then this mummy was so excited till she asked Dr. Vincent if she can see the baby heartbeat. Dr. Vincent replied with a smile on his face that baby's heartbeat can only be seen in WK 7 - WK 8. So shameful of me. Haha....

Anyway, I had a good chat with Dr. Vincent. I'm thinking whether to go for Dr. Liu's Clinic or Dr. Vishnu now. :P

P/S: Today consultation charge is RM 40.

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