Ethan was noticed with a bit of yellowish on the 3rd & 4th day. Hence, we sunbathed him for about 10 mins in the morning. MIL did approach to feed him with green grape juice to bring down his biribulin but we refused to. We worried that the juice will cause phlegm to Ethan too.

Sexy Ethan was sunbathed on the 4th day.

The Poliklinik Ayer Keroh nurses told us that Ethan has jaundice after their first visit. (25th Sept) We have also had an appointment with his Peadiactric & my Lactation Consultant, Dr. Gan Yoke Cheng from Hospital Pantai Ayer Keroh.

Dr. Gan asked me to latch him on while she draws his blood because breastmilk acts as a natural pain relief to the baby. However, poor Ethan cried. It was sad to him suffering from the pain but I managed to handle it quite well.

His cot in the hospital. Do you see his sunglasses? Ethan gotta spend at least 2 nights there because Dr. Gan do not wish to draw his blood on the next day (26th Sept). Everyone knows that the biribulin level is not going to be eliminated so fast. His reading is 284 (16.7).

Confinement Lien Jie fed Ethan with green grapes juice. This is his 2nd day dose without the notice of the doctor and nurses. :P

He was stripped naked under the bili light (double phototherapy). He hates to be stripped off but what to do?

My express breast milk to Ethan. Only 40ml per pump. However, we must thank to our friend, Chloe, who is being very helpful and supportive in providing her breast milk to Ethan. She has been supplied up to 4 bottles to us up till today. We really appreciated her help & will get Ethan to thank to this Nai Ma when he is back home.

Ethan is not able to discharge today because the level is at 228 (13.4). Dr. Gan will want to keep him for 1 more day and shall discharge him by tomorrow. Ethan, we are waiting for your return.

Ethan Chan De Rui

Our first precious, Ethan Chan De Rui was born via vacuum delivery on 22 September 2009 at Hospital Pantai Ayer Keroh.

Weight: 2.64kg (less than we expected, 3.1kg as per last Saturday checkup)

Head Circumference: 35.5 cm

Length: 50 cm

He was sleeping soundly! Wonder did he know that he has came back home?

Ethan with his Nai Nai (Grandma).

Everyone said that he looks like Daddy. For those who know him, what do you think?

Photos are taken by his Yeh Yeh (Grandpa). Thanks PaPa!

Some conversation to share with the readers:

Hubby B: How do you feel being a Mummy:

Me : Ok. Tired. But kind of upset as I am still not able to carry & breastfeed him correctly on my right side. I'm more comfortable to the left. :(

Hubby B: It's ok. You are too careful, Nie. You gotta hold him like this (demonstrated by BB)!

Me: Oh ok! How about you as a Daddy?

Hubby B: Haha! Much more tiring than getting married! I just wish that he could grow fast and healthily.

Me: Hey BB, you are doing very well so far! PaPa also amazed to see you carry & burp Ethan boy.

We are both exhausted. Poor BB! He was not feeling well! Both of us fell to our dreamland after that! zzzzzzzzzzz.............. BB, thanks for your support and care throughout the entire birth journey! I love you.

37 Weeks of Pregnancy

OMG! Ethan's weight really increases 200gm / week. He is 3.1kg now. Dr. Liu checked and confirmed that his head is not engaged yet. Hence, he also can't induce me too. So what are the percentage for me undergoing vaginal delivery? His answer is only 20%. He said I can try and if failed, I can always turn to c-section. The additional cost is not much, about RM 150.

Hmm... I think Ethan is a very obedient boy. Actually I'm the one has been telling him that I was not ready till Week 38. I told him that I was busy chasing sales, interview, taking pregnancy portraits, etc. He heard me! Hehe....from now on, I should start telling him that it is time for him to say "Hello" to the world. If possible, next week because Dr. Liu will not be around from 30 Sept - 9 Oct. If Dr. Vincent has an operation, then I'll be handled by another on-call Dr. Besides, Hubby B is going to Bangkok business trip on 30 Sept. So I really hope that Ethan boy can cooperate with Mummy ya. Gambate!

Pregnancy Portraits

Hubby B has engaged Max to take pregnancy portraits for me this Sun's morning. 830am! OMG! I'm not an early person but what to do! Just get up and prepare myself! Hmm.... Any idea what are the poses to pose on the day?

Personally, we prefer B&W and natural styles. So the above are few of our favourites! Do you like it?

My Prenatal Yoga Class

My prenatal yoga class has ended in my 37 weeks of pregnancy. I have been enjoying the class very much with Caroline. She has been very supportive and giving me lots of advice & courage throughout my pregnancy journey. Hope I will have the chance to continue my post natal class with her. Thanks Caroline.

Am I delivering soon? Haha... it is very much depends on this week checkup. If Dr. Liu confirmed that baby size is ok, then maybe we will plan for induce labor after Raya holidays. Though I'm worry, but just lets nature take its course!

36 Weeks of Pregnancy

We made it for another week. It was rather a busy week for me. Basically, I went to get my sales done, bring my clients for lunch, send them moon cakes & say goodbye to them. So, budget has hit till max! Hehe.... $$$$! Hope it is sufficient to last me till I get another new job.

Oh ya! Hubby B and I have been giving a deep thought and consideration for the past 1 week. We have come to the conclusion to have Susana to take care of our baby. Why have we changed our plan? Hmm.... partly I guess she has be with us (I would say more to Hubby B's family) for so many years and she is quite attach to our family too. Besides, we also do not wish to see her lost of her job as she has a family to feed in Indonesia. Thirdly, we can go holidays with a peace of mind without worrying that our mum do not wanna help us picking up our baby. :)

Hence, Hubby & I have spoken to her during her visit today. Well, we have laid out our concerns to her and she accepted it happily.
  1. She must go for her fibroid checkup. If it still exist, she must go for operation to remove it out. We need a healthy maid rather than she fainted half way when taking care of baby.

  2. She is the only one responsible in taking care our baby. We do not want 2 maids to take care of baby because if anything did happen, we do not know who is the one to blame on.

  3. She must not go out as she wishes to and left the baby with Eeyos. If she needs to go out, she must make sure that one of our family member is in the house. Oh... Eeyos is a blur queen & she is not alert enough. So we do not want her to take care of baby at all.

  4. For hygiene purposes, we have told her strictly not to touch Flame for the first 8-12 months. We do not know how well is baby health development system & we also worry of his allergic reaction towards its furs & mites.
The decision has made and we shall have faith on Susana. Maybe for the first few months, we will monitor and spot check her on and off. After all, we trust that she could perform a good job. Else, we will have no choice but to send our baby to babysitter d.

Our 1st Year Anniversary

Times fly so fast. We were married for a year! Throughout the year, I do not deny that we have misunderstanding and argument. However, we discussed it and tried to understand each other point of views. We accepted & respected as who we are!

We are lucky that we share the same thoughts most of the time. Hubby B has been very supportive all this while, especially when I'm preggo. His patience, love and care is filled fully in my little heart. I'm fortunate to have him as my lovely Hubby B. Thanks BB!

So how did we celebrate our anniversary? No fancy gifts for each other. We just enjoyed the 2 together times. So we chose to have a 3-course dinner with wine at Olio, Renaissance Melaka.

Before entering the restaurant.......... The ambiance and deco is cozy and beautiful.

The extremely heavy menu!

Hubby B is placing the order.

While waiting for the food to be served, we have some fresh from oven breads to fill up our stomach. Hey try dipping it with vinegar & olive oil. You will love it!

The starter for Hubby!

Chicken Chowder Soup for me!

We also ordered a Wild Mushroom Bruschetta to try.

Pizza Margheritta. The crust is thin & crispy. Too bad, it was not with the pineapple topping.

Fettuccini Carbonara. Hmmm... if the fettuccini can be cooked a little longer, then it will be a perfect one!

Chocolate Moose for BB. The chocolate is thick and I love it very much!

Ice-cream with fruits. Nothing to shout about!

Before leaving the restaurant, we have asked the waiter to take a photo for us. :)

35 Weeks of Pregnancy

Baby Ethan is weighing at 2.6kg! What? 300gm increased since last week checkup! Mummy's weight dropped 100gm from the week 32 checkup. All the nutrients have gone to baby Ethan?

If Ethan's weight is going to increase 200gm per week & there are 5 more weeks to go, then by full term, Ethan shall be weighing at 3.6kg. Dr. Liu looked at me smilingly & asked if I would wanna induce myself in week 38. He is worrying that Ethan's size is too big for me if I wanna go for vaginal delivery! Huh? Induced labor? Isn't it painful? Will I distress Ethan and ended up with c-section? With his size, I'm also worrying that I will have episiotomy! So many questions popping in my mind. Anyway, Dr. Liu will further access in next 2 weeks checkup.

Ethan boy, lets pray hard that your weight will not increase so much in the next few weeks. Then mummy will not suffer so much during the labor. Remember the promises we have made to each other?

Consultation fees: RM 50

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