My iPhone 3G

Finally I got my long waiting Christmas and Valentine's Day present from my lovely BB on 23-03-09. We signed up for a year contract under RM 155 plan. So, the phone costs RM 2,160.

This iPhone is cool. Even my nephew, Kai Jun loves it. Haha....Thanks Hubby B!

My Online BB Store

I came about this online baby store when I browsed through the net the other day. Since they are having sales now, from 3-Mar to 5-Apr, I thought if I could get some good bargain from this store.

I bought 4 pieces of Luvable Friends's Bodysuits. It is darn cheap (RM 11.90/pc) and I like the words on it. I given a piece to Lucas. After all, I will get it back because SIL, Ee Ting will be passing most of Lucas's items to our baby.

The choice of colors are limited. It has only white, navy blue or baby blue. So I'm not being bias ya. :)

Then I was attracted by the unique design of this Lindam feeding bottle. There is a button below to prevent the child from swallowing the air bubbles (colic). I know that few other brands; eg. Avent has this anti-colic feature in their feeding bottle but the design was not like the Lindam version. Basically I bought it because of the design. Haha... It costs only RM 23.03 after discount.

I find that it is so convenience to shop from this online store. They offers great price and they have a wide variety of products. So, do drop by before the sales end!

12 Weeks of Pregnancy

I just came back from my 3D2N of work at Johor Bahru. It was a tiring trip. The 2.5 hrs of journey has caused backache to me. Moreover, I could not slept well during the 2 nights & had migraine and stiff neck on the first night.

After all, my heartburn is getting better. My appetite is still poor. My friend who has traveled with me to JB ate much more than me! Phew... people might think that she is pregnant rather than me! Haha...

I just vomited after taking Rojak and Sour Plum Ice Blended at Chicken Delight. Guess baby dislikes this food and drink. I felt dizzy and a mild difficulty in breathing! :(

Ya, we went to King Kong aquarium shop this morning. I accidentally said that one of the Red Tail Arowana's shape looks weird. BB told me that it is their normal shape. Oops........I regret with my words. I went to the Arowana and apologized to him / her. Being paranoid, I asked BB will my words caused anything to our baby. He just smiled and left to his swimming session. Like what Chloe said, stay positive and ignore all the pantang larang!

Best Sleeping Position During Pregnancy

I have always love to sleep on my back. But ever since pregnant, I was advised to sleep on my side, especially on my left side! Why can't I enjoy this luxury anymore? Reason being is sleeping on your back puts pressure on a major vein that transport blood from the lower body back to your heart, the inferior vena cava.

According to the experts, by sleeping on your left side, you’re allowing the highest amount of blood flow to your baby. At the same time, you’re helping your kidney to function more efficiently which in turn helps to reduce swelling. One of the more important organs at the right side of your body is the liver which regulates many important functions while you’re pregnant. Sleeping on your left would also alleviate putting unnecessary pressure on your liver.

Photo taken from babycenter

So, I'm starting to develop the habit of left side sleeping with my knees bent and pillow between my legs for maximum comfort.

I'm Holding a Miracle

An ex-colleague of mine shared this piece of clip in Facebook. I am so in love with it & wanna share it with all the mummies and mummies-to-be in my my blog. Enjoy!

11 Weeks of Pregnancy

I was down with another episode of severe acid reflux again! After dinner, I slept on my stomach straight (this is the best position whenever I have gastric attack). I vomited and burping none stop. I requested BB to make a small cup of MILO for me. It didn't help much but I just prefer some hot stuff at that time.

Since I could not sleep, I watched Revolutionary Road. Surprisingly, the movie did not put me to sleep. In fact, it was a very nice movie though the ending was bad. It was about 1215am when I finished watching the movie. I was still feeling unwell.

BB came back from his badminton. I was about to sleep so did not talk to him much. After a while, he woke me up with a glass of drink. Oh gosh... bitter gout juice again? I told him I didn't want it. He asked me to check out the drink first before complaining. Hmm.... it was honey. Hehe... nice! I saw an article that honey does help to ease indigestion and heartburn.

We went to checkup under Dr. Liu this morning. I complained to him about my acid reflux problem. He said it is normal. He has prescribed Cuplaton (Dimethicone - common addictive to antacids) and Pulin / Maxalon (Metoclopramide hydrochloride - to stop nausea and vomitting) for me to minimize the incident from happen again.

Baby has grown so fast within a week; from 3.79 to 5.5cm. Baby's heartbeat is normal, about 164 times per min. He has also done the Nuchal Translucency scan for baby. However, he gotta wait till our baby is jumping, then only he can catch the thickness to measure. Oh I'm relief now. It was 1.7mm which was normal. He said that anything above 3.5mm would be consider abnormal. We saw our baby's 4D scan for the first time. Baby was so shy that he / she covered the side of the face with the 2 hands. I was excited to see it but my BB was cool. BB, don't you feel excited to see our baby?

Consultation Fees: RM 63

Bloating, Burping & Gassiness

We went to Uncle John for breakfast. The Flour Soup (Mien Fen Kao) that I had was not well cooked. Fine. Then we went shopping at JJ & returned home. I took few pieces of pickled mango to eat. Then we went out again. By 4pm +, I was feeling a bit hungry. We wanted to buy popiah but has fully sold off. So I just poured some chocolate milk to drink.

By the time I finished the milk, I could feel some discomfort in my gut. My stomach is bloating and it was so gassy. I vomited once. I was dizzy. Then I vomited the second time. By the time, I knew that I am going to get gastric soon. Oh shit! Gastric during pregnancy? It was so torturing. I faster went down to make a cup of hot Milo to drink. It didn't help much cause I vomited for the 3rd time. Woolala.....

After dinner, I can't even sit still in the living hall. I went up to rest. I was feeling cold and dizzy. Was I down with heartburn? I don't know. BB came up later. He made a glass of bitter gout juice for me. I refused to drink it. I even cried as I worried I will vomit again because the feeling is really sucks! Useless me, right? BB kept persuading me to drink it. With his kind efforts, I drank reluctantly. With just the few sips, I vomited again!

I surrendered & I asked for a packet of biscuit. After eating, I slept till this morning. I am perfectly fine after a good rest.

10 Weeks of Pregnancy

I went for checkup under Dr. Vishnu on Tuesday . As usual, he did an ultrasound for me. While scanning, he shown me the baby hands and legs. Wonder is our baby reacted to the scan, I can actually see our baby clenching his / her fingers. Haha... what a active baby. Must be like the father.
The ultrasound also shown that our baby length as of Week 10 is 3.79cm. The strange thing is that the EDD is on 28-Sept instead of 7-Oct. My SIL and Chloe told me that the EDD will change on each scan as it was measured based on the baby size.

Besides, Dr. Vishnu has also off my progesterone therapy. Yeah... I do not need to take medicine anymore!

He has asked me to come back 3 weeks from now as he is going to do a Nuchal Translucency thickness test for me. It is to check on the risk of chromosomal abnormalities such as Down syndrome, congenital heart defects and other genetic disorders. Overall, I'm getting better now though I still do not have much appetite in the evening. My weight has dropped slightly; from 48kg to 47.5kg now. :)

Consultation Fees: RM 50

8 Reasons Why I Need a Confinement Lady (Pei Yue)

I am lucky to book the confinement lady who has did for my SIL in her 2nd pregnancy. With the experiences and advices I gathered from my friends and SIL, I think it is better to hire a confinement lady instead of getting your close one to do it.

My MIL offered to do it for me but in most of her conversation, she mentioned about how easy it is to prepare for confinement food. Yes, Mum. Actually food is not so much of concerns to me! It is the works and energy needed while taking care the baby during the confinement period. After all, Hubby also strongly agreed to get one CL too.

Let me share why we need a confinement lady instead of getting Mum to do it!
  1. During confinement month, we'll become very emotion, suspicious and sensitive due to the hormone after giving birth. Since I'm staying with in-law, I worry that Iots of misunderstanding might happen during this times.

  2. If my Hubby is working in KL, I am worried of slipping into postnatal depression if I was unable to cope alone with the baby, especially I'm a new mum. I can't be asking my MIL to do this and that for me right? With a CL, it is so much easy to instruct her anytimes I want.

  3. If I have to go through c-sect, I will not be able to move around due to the painful wound for about 2 weeks. It means baby will have to take care by someone, especially at night. I doubt MIL can handle our baby for this 2 weeks time as she has vertigo and also hypertension. She needs rest and we do not wish to burden her health. With a CL around, I will able to rest very well and recover from a painful labor. Moreover, I do not need to worry of her taking care of our baby.

  4. It is a fact that not every baby is the same. Some babies can sleep through the night but some babies are not. Most of the times babies will wake up easily 2 times a night. For eg. Lucas passed motion 3 times a night for continuous few days. Imagine that if I'm just recovering from my labor and MIL gotta take care our baby, it will be a very dreadful and tiring task for her.

  5. CL can take over the night feeds and fed my baby with expressed breastmilk. I will have a good night rest so that it will not affect the production of my milk. Some of my friends failed to produce milk due to the stress and and lack of rest during the confinement period.

  6. As I'm a person who needs a good night sleep, I will prefer to have a CL to take care of the baby at night. I get easily agitated if I do not have a good sleep.

  7. As a new mum, I will feel nervous bathing my newborn baby. So it will be good to have her around to show me how to do it.

  8. Again, REST plays the most important role in confinement period. SIL said that due to the lack of rest and the poor services given in her 1st pregnancy, she fell sick easily. But for her 2nd pregnancy, she was well taken care by this CL (the one that I've booked) and she has peace of mind without worrying of her baby. She told me that she really feel the differences of her health compared to her 1st confinement. That's why she strongly recommended me to get a confinement lady.

With this 8 reasons given, don't you think it is much better to get a confinement lady to do for your confinement instead of getting your MIL to do it?


I have been suffering from migraine on and off before I am pregnant. But yesterday I had my first attack in my this 9 weeks of pregnancy. It was torturing.

After dinner, the condition got worse. I was feeling cold. My body is aching, especially my back. I can't even finished watching my drama. I felt so weak and I fell asleep. However, I woke up after a nap. BB offered me to take a cup of yogurt. I took it but as expected, I threw out whatever I have consumed.

I am still having minor migraine now. Hope I can have a good sleep tonight (I have also having sleeping disorder now and then). :(

Can I Travel During My Pregnancy?

Yeah, finally I received this warrant 2 days ago. It was a reward which worth RM 5,490 from my company for my past 3 years records of maintaining the sales at 100%. I can go holidays now.

Oops... wonder can I still travel? Maybe it is fine when my pregnancy turns to the 2nd trimester. Hmm... where shall we go? We thought of going to Melbourne but I can't get to enjoy wine there. Or should we only travel after my maternity? What do you guys think?

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