What does 6908 mean to you? Maybe it is nothing special but just the numbers. However, it does mean a lot to us & our family. So why is this date so special? Hehe....... because it is our wedding celebration!
As early as today, we've received a special song dedication from our lovely sister. Yes, September is a happening month. Besides Ma & Sis's birthday, our anniversary also falls on this
month too - 911. Guess we will not be celebrating this anniversary anymore. So which date should we be celebrating for our next anniversary? Our ROM's date, 24-04-08 or our Chinese wedding ceremony's date, 06-09-08?

We're Not Stingy!

It is a productive day for us! We went to 3 bridal shops today & we have shortlisted 2 bridal shops. They are Bridal Place & In-Creative. Both are located at Melaka Raya.

Upon entered the bridal shop, we told the consultant that we want the simplest package that they can offer to us. Though this is once in a life event, we do not want to spend too much money in the package. I still recall my SIL & my friends have spent RM 3000+ for their photos. When years go by, the photo albums will be kept at one of the corner in your room. Agreed with me? ;p We rather spend the money either on our honeymoon or our upcoming bedroom.

So, what is holding us from signing the package from these 2 bridal shops?

Bridal Place offered a package of RM 2099 & Hubby B likes their photo shooting. While In-Creative's package is slightly higher (~RM 280) than the formal one. However, they have the best Make-up Artist in town. Her name is Ms Han & she is also the boss there. She has gained many good comments from the Malaysia Bride's forum. She offered 3 gowns to me, which also included a Kua (many of my friends were wondered why I wanna wear Kua for my wedding. Maybe it sounds too old-fashion to them)! Their photographer is nice too!

I guess we have made up our mind which bridal shop to sign now. What do you think?

Does Wedding Cake Mean Anything?

I believe that everything to do with wedding has its symbols & meanings. So does the wedding cakes. Hence, I googled & found this interesting beliefs.

'The cutting of the cake meant the bride losing her virginity & the way the groom puts his hand on the bride's also meant that he has lost his virginity too.' (funny but horrible isn't it?)

'The bride & groom together cut & eat the first slice of the cake, symbolized their desire to love & nurture each other.' (This is more meaningful!)

From the wedding banquets that I attended, the wedding cakes provided by hotels or restaurants are mostly the dummy one. Whether to have or not to have a custom designed wedding cakes are much depend on the couple. Maybe with this individualized cakes, it definitely will make your wedding celebration extra special.

Ambridge Cottage in Melaka does provide this service but I do not know their pricing. For those who are interested, please visit their shop for further inquiry.

No.670-A 1st Floor Jalan Melaka Raya 8,
Taman Melaka Raya 75000 Melaka.
(Next to Standard Charted Bank)

Contact No:
012- 6360586 Eric Chong
012- 6970835 Agnes Chong

I'm sorry that I have made a mistake here. AC does not provide this service though their lovely mummy can do it. It requires lots of times & energy.

Engraving Your Wedding Ring

We have not engraved our rings yet because we still can't find the right engraving design. In the groom's ring write (brides name) to (grooms name) in the bride's write (groom's name) to (bride's name) plus the date. Nah, it is too common. I want our rings to be the unique one. I want something personal on the inside of our rings.

I have thought of some ideas already. We need to decide which one is suit us the best now.

How about you? What have you chose to engrave on your wedding bands?

Mission Failed!

Something embarrassing happened on 24.02.08 (our registration day). We were having dinner and my FIL came back. As usual, I greeted him as Uncle. Then he jokingly responded that I should acknowledge him as Pa rather than Uncle right? Ah................my goodness! My cheeks were flaming red. How I wish there is a hole for me to sneak into immediately. ;p

So when do you all start calling your PIL? I asked around my friends who has married & most of them called their PIL after their wedding ceremony only. The registrar's piece of advice still floating in my mind. I analyzed it & I think he is correct. Legally, I'm Hubby B's wife & his family is my family now. It makes sense for me to acknowledge them as Pa & Ma.

But then, I have a question here. We both called our father as 'Pa'. BB called his mum as 'Ma' while I called my mum as 'Mi'. So we have no problem to address our mothers. But for our dads, I think I will address FIL as 'Papa'. How is BB going to address my father? Hmmm.... Will ask him later.

It is already the 2nd week of our registration. I still have not taken up my courage to call my Parents-in-law.
I failed my mission again & again. Hopefully my mission can be completed by this week. BB teased me that my mouth is keeping a gold bar. Huh! how dare you? Don't let me caught you later.

Our Wedding Date

We have postponed our wedding dinner to the month of August in the Chinese Calender. Why? Firstly, the house renovation can only be completed by end June. Then following by the month of Hungry Ghost, which is not a good month to get married according to the Chines belief. I guess this is a better idea as we'll have sufficient times for the preparation.

We have asked the Master to recalculate the date but he seems to give us the wrong date (I guess)! I double checked the date given with my calender & I found out that the date given do not match with the day. I have called him to reconfirm the date but till today, he still has not give me any answer yet. Master ah Master! We need your confirmation so that we could proceed with the hotel booking le.

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