Pre-Wedding Shots

Hi folks, do you think that we should wear casual outfits for our next Friday outdoor photo shooting session? I have browsed through many photographers' portfolio lately & I think I'm quite fond with this few photo shots, Robin Ng & TY Lim. Your comment please?

"Don't you think it is a waste for not wearing your gowns for outdoor shooting?"

"Hey you have paid for the package, so why not just wear the gowns? Anyway, it only takes a few hours!"

I'm still convincing Hubby B to accept this concept. Well, I think we will look much to ourselves than posing with the gowns. Besides, we will have our indoor shots with gowns & coats, so why should we wear them on at such a hot weather?

Anyway, this is merely my idea. As a husband & wife, we still need to discuss & compromise to each other. :)

Shop! Shop! Shop!

Next Friday will be our pre-wedding photos session. Woo.... times fly really fast. I haven't prepared anything yet! Haha...

Last Tuesday, Ee Ting, Kai Jun & I went to the newly open Melaka Mall. Then, I found a simple pair of sandals. It is gold in color. Don't know why that I have fell in love with this color recently. It costs me RM 63.92 after 20% discount.
While waiting for lunch with my buddies this afternoon, I bought another pair of sandals. Initially I saw a pair of silver color Lewre's sandals . It is lovely but the price is darn expensive (RM 179! Nah... it is too much). Luckily I have a strong determination. I decided to look around first. Then I found this 3.5 inches sandals from Nose. It is super high. Guess I will have to arrange for a foot massage session the next day. Oh... this sandals only cost me RM 69.90.
Of course Hubby B is always in my mind. I got him a piece of G2000 shirt. I like the material & I know he will like it too. So the price is not a matter anymore. Haha....

Wedding Favor

For the past one month, I have been thinking what type of wedding favor to be given to our guests. I searched from many websites & there are pretty much choices available. However, I prefer somethings which is meaningful & useful.

Then I had lunch with Chloe & I seek for her opinion. Hey surprisingly, she told me that it is quite wasteful to spend on wedding favor. She asked me a very simple question. "Do you keep the wedding favor that you received?" Hmmm.... she is right. Normally I'll just put it in my drawer after coming back from the dinner. When times go by, I will eventually throw it away. Sorry my friends!

After discussed with our beloved family members, we have decided to kick out this from our wedding list. Hurray... we get to save quite a substantial amount of money for our honeymoon.

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