PUPPP in My 2nd Trimester (24 Weeks of Pregnancy)

I can't believe that I'm one out of 30% to get this rash. I am suffering miserably! Many tiny itchy bumps are all over my tummy. Looking at my skin and feeling all this irritation is horrible. I applied Calamine Lotion & also steroid cream (Elomet) but it doesn't seem to ease the itchiness at all. I could wake up at the middle of night by the itch. It is so annoying, isn't it?

Yes, I read up on the internet and it said that its dealing with women who are pregnant with boys. And that usually happen in the first pregnancy. Women pregnant with girls can get it but it is more common with boys, and that is a reaction to the male hormone mixing in with the mothers. OMG, Ethan boy! You have given Mummy such headache before you are even born?

Everyone knows scratching will make the stretch marks worse. They even advise me not to scratch it. But if you've ever had this rash IT IS IMPOSSIBLE! However, I'm trying my very best not to scratch it because I'm worrying that the rash will spread to my chest, bottoms, arms and legs later. Is this rash going to last till my delivery? I wish it won't!

P/S: Finally, I decided to post this awful pics because I wanna show Ethan Boy when he grows up. :)


It has been so torturing for the past 3 nights! My tummy is so itchy till I can't stop scratching it, especially when the weather is hot! I'm not sure if am I allergic to Palmer's Stretch Marks Cream but it shouldn't be because I have been using it since 7 weeks ago. This following pics were taken on Sat's night. The condition is getting worse since last 2 nights! Red patches have developed all over the belly especially around the navel. Sorry! I will not post the pics here cause it looks awful!

So, I ended up seeking for help from my OBGYN today. Dr. Vincent told me that it is normal as our skin is expanding and thinning. He has advised me to stop using my Cocoa Butter Cream at the moment. He suggested me to apply NIKS Anti-Itch Oatmeal Moisturising Cream & prescribed some Cetirizine HCI 10mg (OD) pill for me. Hopefully they can do wonders to my skin because I have not been getting enough sleep for the past few nights due to the itchiness.

Cost: RM 42 for the anti-itch cream and RM 20 for 10 tabs of anti-histamine pill.

23 Weeks of Pregnancy

Monthly checkup again! Ethan is weighing at 759gm this week. Dr. Liu said that he is growing healthily in my belly. While Mummy is gaining 1.4kg compared to the last month. Consider quite a lot huh. Control control and control! Guess I had too much durian for the last 2 weeks. I think that is enough. I gotta stop eating it already!

Ya, while Dr. Liu was doing the scan, he told us that Ethan is hiccuping. Oh... was that his hiccups? I thought that was his kicks or punch all this while. Haha... I can see his Dad cunning's smile over there. I knew that he was telling me that he was right with his guess all this while. ;P

Consultation: RM 50

22 Weeks of Pregancy

My best friend, PK has been complaining that I did not upload any of my pregnancy portrait. So, I made the effort to take a few for the past 2 days. As of today, I have only put on 4kg.

Does my tummy look big?

Ethan was playing hard nowadays. I have been telling Hubby about his activities inside my tummy. This father doesn't seem to believe it. I brought his hand to my tummy while we were watching movie yesterday's afternoon. He was shocked and pulled his hand away. He felt the miracle move finally. However, he said that was Ethan's hiccup! Haha... whatever it is la!

Well, I'm progressing well. I only had 2 mild leg cramp this week. Luckily, I discovered the attack and I immediately countered it by flexing my foot. So it was not really a painful one! Phew... Lucky me!

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