I'm Preggie

Since married, I love to tease Kai Jun whether there is baby in my stomach. His answer is always No! However, early this month, he told me Yes when I posted him this question again. Hmmm.... sure or not? Anyway, I didn't take it seriously.

For the past one week, I have a strong feeling that I'm pregnant. But then I refused to test it. I choose to wait till my menstruation due date. It is 17 days past my ovulation. OK. I took out the test kit this morning. I was quite nervous & in the same time, I'm worried that I would be disappointed with the result again.

Whoa.... it is unbelievable. The result shown positive. I was so excited and happy. I wake BB up. I show the test kit to him. He was blurred and asked me what is that. Oh My God! :P I told him that he is going to be a Daddy soon. Not much expression from him though.

I wanna share the news to my family but BB actually advised me not to announce it first. He said we should only announce once we got the confirmation from Gynea. It is 99.99% accuracy what! Err......... I'm so happy and excited. I can't wait to share this piece of good news.

I called up my best friend in Penang. She said it is 100% that I'm pregnant. Hehe... I told both of my SIL, my MIL, my Mummy & Gladys. Wonder MIL told FIL or not. Hehe.... My SIL, Cheng Leng saluted my ability to keep the news from announcing to the family & relatives. Haha.....I was restricted from doing so. I wish I could as well.

Well, I shall wait till this Wednesday to visit Dr. Vishnu for my check up. At the moment, this post will only be published till I get the confirmation from my Gynea. :)

Dr. Vishnu has confirmed my pregnancy. However, the ultrasound still can't see the embryo yet. It is only about 4 weeks. So we did another urine test. It shown positive result again. He has prescribed 10-days course of progesterone for me. So I shall be able to see my baby on the next 10 days.

P/S: Consultation Fees for today is RM 80.

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