A Surprise on 1-Jan-08

We were discussed of our registration date today. We both planned to fix it at 11-Feb-08, which is during our 3 years 5 months anniversary date. Some of you might say why not 14-Feb, right? Maybe we just do not like to be too crowded. :-)

Then we discussed on the dinner venue & BB told me that he still prefer to have it at City Bayview Hotel. We attended one of the wedding dinner there before & we like the food served over there. Though the ambient might not be as good as Renaissance, but they have recently won the best 4-Star Hotel Award.

We have discussed so much but we have not informed to our parents yet. BB wanted to inform his parents on 1-Jan-2008, which is their 31-Year Anniversary. I have actually came up a creative idea to surprise them but that China Ah Pek doesn't want it. ;-p

Another 1 week to go, then we will start with all the necessary preparation.

It is with Me Now (14-Dec-07)

I didn't announce our wedding decision to anyone yet since I came back from PJ on the 12-Dec. I prefer to wait till the day I received the amendment ring from Hubby B first.

When I was in my room doing my work, BB came in with a Selberan's paper bag. Then I know that the ring is finally done. I was so excited & wanted to try it. But I stopped. Since Hubby B proposal was not a romantic one, then I thought of asking him to open the box & wear the ring for me. He happily did it as per my request. I'm satisfied & happy now.

Then I started to snap all the pictures; from the paper bag, ring box, the ring to the bill. I'm not crazy but it is rather a happy moment & I think I should mark it down as part of our memory lane.

I could felt that I slept with a smile on the night. :)

My brother & SIL also got their ring from Selberan 3 years ago.

This paper bag that excited me when BB brought it up to the room.

Wanna bet on the receipt no.? Nah... See the date! He proposed to me during our 3 years 3 months anniversary.

My ring's certificate. First time I received diamond and do not know the grading. Anyway, no matter what the grade is, this is the most precious thing to me.

This is a snapshot of the ring box with my camera flash turned on.

This is a snapshot with the camera flash turned off. It is the natural color of the box. So which one is nicer?

The close shot of my ring.

His Proposal on 11-Dec, 2007

I decided to make an early trip to PJ for shopping on 11-12-07. Since Hubby B was not working, he picked us up from Royale Bintang. While we were shopping at 1U, he suddenly told me this. "Dear! Come! Lets go to see ring!"

I was surprised & my eyes blinked for a second. Though it was an unromantic proposal from him but I was in cloud nine already. Haha... So he brought me to Selberan. We went around the shop & he asked the customer service to take out one of the ring. Hmmm... it was like he has already came to the shop before & he knew the ring that he wanted. He just needed my finger to confirm the right size. Sometimes I just have to admit that my man is the most adorable one.

I love the ring that he chose very much. It was simple & nice. However, the ring gotta down size due to my tiny ring finger. When we came out from the shop, then I realized that I have not known the price yet. I was shocked when he told me the price. Oh my dear! It is an expensive one. He assured me that as long as I love it, the price was not an issue. Anyway, it is a sign of eternity! Thanks Hubby B!

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