We're waiting for Santa Claus

After our dinner, BB & I celebrated the eve at our little balcony. We chit-chatted, played with the camera & also the numbers game. Though it was a peaceful night, but we enjoyed ourselves very much.

His present for this year is also his birthday present. Haha... save money, Hubby B!

Nice watch right? I love the color combination.

You must be wondering where is my present right? I will only get it next year cause it has not launched yet. Thanks in advanced, BB. Hehe.....

Hubby B's Birthday

Finally I get to celebrate with him this year. So what have you done? We went to Tok Su Gung with PaPa & MaMa. They spent us the dinner. Yummy Yummy!

Then we headed home for cake cutting. I got him the cheese cake from Secret Recipe. Do you spot the difference in this cake?

Yes, the cake consists of half the high fiber cheese cake & half of the apple crumble cheese cake. Haha... I didn't mean to do so but the high fiber cheese cake must be the best selling cake. They have sold out the one whole cake. No choice BB. Sorry ya.

Hubby & I.

He has turned to 32-year old this year. I wish him all the very best in life.

Father & son. Where is our MaMa?

Here she comes.

Happy Birthday to you once again.

Mission Failed!

Maybe I was too boring yesterday or just could not see this box of thing kept in my drawer, I decided to have a fun with it.

My menses is not due yet but somehow I was hoping for a surprise. Maybe there are so many mummies & pregnant lady around me & I can't wait to be one of them.

Phew........our mission failed. Gotta work hard again!

BB's ACL Reconstructions , 22-10-08 (3)

It was his 3rd day after his surgery. He was coping quite well. I helped to wipe him out because his was still not very mobile. However, after we purchased the rubber protector from KLSMC, which cost us RM 84, BB could managed his shower quite easily already.

It was not difficult to take care of him. In fact, he was a temporarily herbivore. Haha.... his meal was about veges. Actually he also took this opportunity to detox his body.

The bruises have started to appear on his operated leg. Dr. Tay said that it was a normal reaction after the surgery.

I hang up here most of the times while waiting BB to finish up his physio session.

Compare the both legs. Do you mark his operated leg was swollen?

Flowers from his distributor and company.

During his recovery stage, I could felt that he was quite disappointed with his progress. Besides his routine physio, he also took the initiative to do some exercises which he has gotten from the net. He felt the tiredness even though it was a simple exercise like lifting up his leg. However, I have cheered him up & encouraged him along the way.

He has back to work after taking 7 working days of medical leave. I would say that with his determination & persistency, he is perfectly ok now. However, he can only resume to his high density sports in another 9 months time.

We would like to thank all the family members for their help during this period. Thank you so much.

BB's ACL Reconstructions , 22-10-08 (2)

What has he done before he was discharged? :P

This was his second day & yet he looked so fresh & energetic right?

BB was asked to put on this anti-embolism stocking because of the lack of movement on his operated leg. It helps to
increase venous blood flow velocity & reduce the possibility of deep vein thrombosis.

His physiotherapist at Gleneagles Intan. He was also injured his ACL before.

His wounds.

Knee stretching machine. Surprisingly, he was able to bend his knee till about 80 degree. However, it was not actually true because the anesthesia & anti-inflammatory agents are still inside his body.

This pic was taken while the Staff Nurse Loh was changing his dressings. He has total of 7 holes on his left leg.

BB's ACL Reconstructions , 22-10-08 (1)

We checked in to Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre's Day Care at about 7a.m. Though my colleagues mentioned this medical centre to me before, we were still impressed by this 5-star setup. We can even find Dome Cafe there. Phew....... Since this surgery is paid by BB's company, who cares right?

The nurse was checking his blood pressure. Normal. Weren't you scared?

A tag to cuff him up. Hehe...

The surgery took about 3.5 hours. I walked in & out from the Day Care because the bed wasn't ready yet. He was pushed out finally. But due to the anesthesia effect, BB was still feeling groggy.

He was on knee immbolizer as well as the Aircast Cryo Cuff. This Cryo Cuff helps to reduce the sweeling & pain for post-op. The cuff will cover the injured area while the cooler holds enough water and ice for 8 hrs of cyrotherapy. Besides, the tube will exchange the water between cooler & cuff.

Hospital food. It always look so tasteless for me. But BB finished them all. He was too hungry.

The Arrival of The Groom & Buddies

While my "Chi Mui" were busy preparing the fun stuffs for my BB & his buddies, we heard the car honk. Oh my God......... they have reached my house.

My brother opened the door to welcome his brother-in-law.

Can't wait to get me ya?? Hehe....

The buddies were served with some yummy crackers.

Wow....... what have they packed for us?

What a disgusting stuffs? Are we going to eat that?

Haha... the undies was too small for him.

Mission failed. :(

Since this was the failure from my wife's friends, let me enjoyed the fruits then.

"Nescafe Kao" with banana for you & your buddies.

The bride's room key were in this pail of ice water.

Kenny Goh has volunteered to search for it.

While searching, Gladys has fed Kenny with some icy cold ice-cream.

Kenny has failed as his leg was too big for this pail. So Dennis was the second one to go.

Aiya.... why can't this key open the door one??

It was BB's turn to do it. Woo......... Let him drink the coke first before the mission starts.

He was serious!

Oh... they were cheated by my "Chi Mui". Actually none of the keys inside the pail were for this room.

He was asked to say 3 things that he loves about me. If I remembered correctly, he mentioned
  1. Her enlarged eyes after wearing the mystic black contact lenses.
  2. We can communicate to each other well.
  3. ??

Final "Ang Pao". Please open the door for the groom............

Huh? I still can't my wife yet??

Little Wife, wait for me ya. I will sure find ur left heel.

Haha........ I found it.

Let me wear it for you.

A bouquet of flower for you!

Phew........ so loving!

Lets exchange the ring!

Yeah..... we're officially husband & wife accroding to the chinese ceremony!

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