Our Vow!

I woke up about 730 this morning. Frankly speaking, I did not have a good sleep last night. Maybe I was too excited.

We went to pick Ee Ting & Kai Jun up. Kai Jun handed a bouquet of daisy for me. So lovely of this little boy! I was so touched at that time.

When we reached there about 915am, Hubby B & his family have already arrived. We registering ourselves first before the ceremony starts. While waiting for the 1st couple to complete their ceremony, both family members are interacting with each other. BB & I was busy taking photos.

The ceremony starts about 945am. I took out my DIY ring pillow. I could felt my hands shivering while I was putting our rings on the ribbons. Once everyone is seated, the registrar started with his jokes. Guess he was trying to cheer up the atmosphere. We have to admit that he is good in doing that.

We headed for breakfast at the Le Ocean Dim Sum at Bandar Hilir. Full house. The couple before us also having their breakfast there. We waited about 20 minutes & we gotten our seat finally. During our breakfast, Kai Jun came to me & told me this. "Ah Neh will follow Su Su (my younger brother)'s car home. Ah... I didn't wanna hurt him & said yes to him.

Though it was a short ceremony, both of us were tired. I even had migraine attack. Maybe it was due to the weather as well. Wow.... I can't imagine how are we going to cope with the actual wedding day!

Anyway, we would like to thank everyone for attending our ROM, especially Po Po, Mai Lan, Mai Hua & Yen Yen who came all the way from Seremban. We also surprised to see Godzilla (my elder brother) there as he was supposed to take care his pharmacy business at that hour. Thanks my "cool" brother. Many thanks to our family members once again. Please feel free to visit our Picasa web album.

Tomorrow Is The Day!

How do we feel now? Normal I guess.

We have prepared for all the necessary things to bring there tomorrow. My bouquet of flower is not collected yet. BB will collect it later.

He is not feeling well but still go for his sports.

Wonder could I sleep tonight? I think I can as BB always call me as pig. Maybe I can't? Excited + Nervous! Did I forget anything? Hmmm... will double check again.

What Do We Want For Our Wedding?

"Only 3 months left! Both of you have not started the preparation yet?"
"Times is running out. Photo shooting, hotel booking, invitation cards, wedding favor, etc."
"Actually it is rather rush, are both of you sure that all the things can be done by that time?"

Thanks for all the concerns & advices that we received. Initially we both agreed that our wedding date will be set on the 8-Jun. However, the house renovation might not be completed by then. Hence, we have discussed & thought of postpone it to one month later. Again, this is not confirmed yet as the contractor will only inform FFIL the actual completion date this week.

Well, after our registration this Sunday, we will start all the necessary preparation.
  1. Wedding dinner - We want a simple celebration with our beloved family, relatives & friends at City Bayview Hotel. We do not want a grand & crowded one, which will be too tired after the end of the day. Oh... better get our guest list fast!
  2. Wedding gowns & photo shooting - A simple package for us will do. I already have 2 bridal shops in mind. So it is quite a fast and easy one. I'm thinking of taking family photos as a remembrance for our family too.
  3. Wedding favor - I'm still browsing & searching. Yong Jie did recommend one shop in Seremban to me. Will drop by next week if possible.
  4. Photographer - 2 photographers that we have in mind; either Yong Jie or Ah Lai photographer.
  5. Things-to-do - Get this list out by this week.
Anything that I have left out? Do enlighten me ya. Thanks.

Hubby B's Ring

We went to shop for ring today. Since BB needs gold as his Feng Sui element, I saw this ring from Tomei's web page which I quite like it. So we stopped by the shop in Mahkota Parade. Unluckily, they do not have the ring that I want. The designer recommended few to us but I dislike it because it doesn't suit BB. Then we went to the other jewelry shop in Dataran Pahlawan. I saw one which is quite nice but the size doesn't fix him. The alteration takes about 2 weeks. Well it definitely out of our picture because next Sunday is our registration date. BB told me he will check out from Tomei in 1-Utama on next Monday. Wonder will he delay & shop for it last minute?

Actually I was a bit unhappy with BB. He doesn't seem to be involved in this ring selection. When asking his opinion, everything was ok to him. He was busy checking & considering the offer from various phone shops (Oh ya, he wanted to trade off his SE P990i to P1i). I know he likes to do thing last minutes. Over the years, I have adapted to his behavior. But it is our wedding & I think he should at least show respect to it.

Everyone has told me that we should start preparing for our wedding, but how could it be possible for me to start it all by myself? For those bride who has been through this, could you please share with me your experiences & advice?

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