Which Is Your Choice?

We have gotten our pre-wedding photos sample. I'm headache now. Which one should we choose to frame it up? We have selected the few nicest one but have yet to make up the mind yet. Hey folks, why not you vote for the picture of your choice & we shall decide it later. :)
Photo 1

Photo 2

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Photo 7

What Is My Opportunity Cost?

Shirley, the nail artist who is attached to Ler Beauty did my finger & toe nails art for my wedding photo shooting. I chose a simple stone & 3D love for my toes. This set of toe arts cost RM 35. How about my artificial finger nails art? I can't recall how many times I have asked Shirley to change the base color. Finally I chose silver color. Can you feel the wedding bells are ringing there? I paid RM 80 for this set of artificial finger nails art.

I didn't feel real with these artificial nails. It was so challenging for me to take off my contact lenses using this nails. Ah........I heard my real finger nails were complaining.

Because the nail glue was so sticky, I have a tough times to pull & pry them off of my fingers though I have soaked my nails into warm water as instructed. I have ruined my real nails!

So what do you think my opportunity cost is? I bet you for sure that I won't use this artificial nails on my actual wedding day!

Pre-Wedding Shots (Actual Day)

Yesterday was a fun & tiring day for both of us! :-) :-( ;-)

I was looking forward for the day & I was also stressed with it. I worried that we doesn't know how to pose in front of the camera, I worried that the photos might not turn out beautiful, I worried that my sensitive face is disobedient (hey I have been extremely hardworking applying ampoule & mask) , I worried that I will fall sick on the day (because I had a minor flu), I worried that BB's pants are not suitable for the photo session, .............. I have been worried too much till I lost my appetite. The food seems tasteless to me.

I slept early last night while BB went out for a drink with his friends. He came back about 2am while I already pig like anything.

I wanted to have breakfast first but BB told me that we are short of times already. He asked me to grab some biscuits first. Hmm.......... though I have no appetite to eat but I still want to have some breakfast, especially a cup of Nescafe. I worried again. I might have gastric attack as we might not have the times to take our lunch. He understood & we went for our breakfast at Jeta Groove. :-) We reached the bridal shop about 11am after breakfast.

Upon reaching the studio, one of the photographer, Gina took a portrait of me. Then the assistant makeup artist, Ai Wei started with my hairdo & base makeup. After that, the chief MUA, Ms Han only came in for the major reconstruction.

While the makeup artist was busy, we have some fun shots together. He needs to makeup too?
I'm done with my makeup. What do you think?

Gina was our indoor photographer. Eh....I thought it should be Ms. Han's husband, Poon? Anyway, we were not particular who took the photos for us. For those who do care, please get confirmation from your bridal shop for the photographer of the day before signing the package.

We seemed to enjoy every single shots except sometimes we couldn't get some of the poses & our smiles right. The bride is the most suffering one. I have to change every hairstyle & makeup to match with the gowns that I wore. Troublesome isn't it? BB was quite relax because he managed to take a short nap.

About 5.30pm, we left the studio for outdoor. The traffic was quite heavy. We headed to Jonker Street, Stadhuys & St. John Hill. It was embarrassing as we were asked to pose with the stares from the public & also tourists. Haha..... that's enough! We returned to the studio about 715pm & I supposed to finish the last few shots with the final piece of evening gown. Nah.... we were too exhausted & we opted it out. We just had a few indoor shots with our casual clothings.

Yeah...... we were done. We decided to go to Kikoya's Japanese Restaurant for our dinner. We also took the opportunity to celebrate Mother's Day by inviting Pa & Ma along.

It took me almost 45 mins to wash out the ICI paints on my face & the chemicals which was sprayed on my hair. I wanna zzzzzzzzzz........

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