His New Job!

It was really a bad evening for me! I went back home & Hubby B told me that he has been offered the job already. Ever since he went for the first interview, I knew that he is going to leave us one fine day. Just that I would never expect it to be so soon. He is excited to share this piece of good news to me but I refused to probe him further. I refused to talk to him because I know I will cry.

He was retrenched in mid-Dec last year. Since he has already has his plan to come back to Melaka for good, I was not worried at all. He told me that he can always get a job here irregardless of the salary offered.

Frankly speaking, I really enjoyed his companionship during this 4 months +. Maybe I am used to have him around, I failed to accept the reality that he will be leaving Melaka soon. Ya, I was also alone during the weekdays before he was retrenched. Why I could accepted it before and not now? Should I blame it on my evil hormone again? I'm a perfectionist. Maybe I feel incomplete without him for the rest of my first pregnancy, my childbirth process and also our soon-to-be parenthood. The connection between us will be getting lesser if he has to go oversea business intensively. Is this a healthy relationship for a family?

I know I was very bad towards him last night. He try to talk to me but I just couldn't face him at all. Whenever he came near to me, my tears poured down immediately. I even sent him a sms to ask him to let me sort my mind out first before we can talk. He is sad too but I'm sorry BB. You know my temper. I do not like to talk when I am unhappy. Once I have cooled myself down, then I will be fine.

It was a sleepless night. I scolded myself for behaving that way. I hate such feelings. We were on the same bed but we were not connected at all. Since the decision has been made, so what are all these worries for? I can't change the situation also. I went to him again to ask for a his "sotong hug" and he pampered me with the tightest hug ever.

Dry Skin

Since 2 weeks ago, my face became very dry. Initially, I thought it was due to my facial, but it seems unlikely now. Its starting to flake on my skin around my nose and mouth area. It is so irritating. I have been applying the moisturizer as and when needed. I wash my face once instead of twice now. However, it doesn't seem to aid my skin at all. I've just started myself with Vit E Oil and hope it can really do wonders to my skin. Can anyone provide me a solution please?

15 Weeks of Pregnancy

We went for our routine monthly checkup 2 days ago. As usual, the nurse will take down my weight, blood pressure and also urine specimen. My reading is a bit high, 85. Maybe I was nervous with the Triple Test that I was going to do later.

Dr. Vincent did a very thorough scan for me. Baby is about 10.7cm now with the weight of 135gm. We still can't see the gender yet. Dr. Vincent said it is still early to see it. Looks like the chances of getting gal is higher ya. :) My mum said that I might be expecting a baby gal as my tummy looks wide. If a boy, then the tummy supposed to be sharp. Haha... don't know la. The most important is our baby is healthy. That is much more than enough. Overall, baby is active in my tummy. He / she used his /her 2 little hands to cover his / her face. Then opened it up again. Naughty fella.

Ya, talking about the triple test, Dr. Vincent told me that the accuracy is about 70%. Some of their patients detected through the test, but after doing the amniocentesis (miscarriage rate is low, about 0.05%.), the baby is perfectly normal. Anyway, BB and I have decided to carry on with the test. We will get the report in a week time. Darn torturing man!

Medical fees: RM 255

14 Weeks of Pregnancy

Times fly so fast. This week was not really a good week for us. My maid & MIL have killed the python in the house cruelly on Tuesday's morning. I couldn't bear to see the scene and left to work earlier. However, I felt a sense of discomfort. I decided to go to Cheng Hoon Teng for prayer. I asked for God's forgiveness for their wrong doing. It was a bad day! BB was not happy as well but he has tried his best to cheer me up. Thank you once again.

We back from KL on Thursday's evening. After dinner, I was lying with my stomach on the bed. After a while, I told BB that I have acid reflux again. I thought a little bit of Pepsi and a small piece of chocolate can help me. As usual, I vomited terribly. Since we spent few hours in 1-U this afternoon, I must be tired and I know that I'm going to sleep soundly tonight. Who knows? I can't sleep at all. I rolled on the bed till 4.30 a.m. Sigh...........

Besides, my skin is superb dry. I applied so much moisturizer and yet my skin is still peeling off. Is this due to hormonal changes again?

13 Weeks of Pregnancy

I think I'm going back to normal already! I do not have anymore heartburn except I encountered an episode of vomiting in Wednesday's afternoon! It happened right after my hair cut. The weather was extremely hot and stuffy. I burped none stop and my stomach is gassy! Before the gastric is attacking me, I took a cap of Gaviscon immediately. Then I tried to eat few pieces of crackers. Well...... I ended up throwing in the toilet bowl. Sigh... must be the coffee we took 2 hrs after our breakfast. :(

Ya, I brought my maid and SIL to Dr. Liu's Clinic this afternoon. Actually the purpose of the visit is to double confirm on our maid's uterine fibroid. Yes, it is true enough that she has a fibroid, about 10cm. It is big and Dr. Vincent actually advised her to remove it. However, the decision is still up to her. She told us that she wanted to go back to her hometown to do the surgery. But I doubt she will do it as she might get different opinions from framily, relatives and friends later. Then she will try out their so-called herbal treatment there. Hmmm... I really hope that she understood the benefits of removing the fibroid and also to conduct the surgery here in Melaka.

Oh ya, after her checkup, I actually requested Dr. Vincent to do an ultrasound for me. I wanted to show my SIL and maid our baby. Guess they were excited when they saw the baby was actively playing inside my womb. They also heard baby's heartbeats for the very first time. Hehe... Our baby is growing for another 2cm big since my last visit. Pretty fast ya!

Is this NeuroGain PB that makes our baby so active? ;o

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