Our Room Renovation

Our bedroom. This is where our bed will be positioned in.The other corner of our room. TV will be putting here.
The entrance is to our walk-in closet. Our bathroom.The entrance to balcony.

Not much progression here except the plug points & the aluminum window frames are fixed.
The bathroom.
The balcony's entrance.The construction worker was feeding the koi.We can see the home office from our balcony.

We've Been Chosen!

I conducted a poll for my wedding photos to be framed up last month. Guess what? When we went to confirm our wedding album this morning, the assistant told us that there was a pair of Singaporean couple brought our photos along. Eh........ Did I give my web album's address to anyone in Singapore? Oh ya..... I have it published in the Malaysia Brides Forum. Hmm... looks like Ms Han must thank me for the free publicity ;-)

Since the package comes with a 12R (21 poses) & 10R (21 poses) album, we have decided to take the 12R for all the wedding gowns photos while the 10R is for the casual outing photos. Finally we have also chosen photo no. 4 to be framed up. The album designer complemented that we looked sweet & natural. Then we selected the table talk photos, 12 sets of pictures for postcard, the album cover material & the frame as well. Oh ya, we have 4 gifts to choose in our package. We picked the guest book, jewelry box, a pair of bear for wedding card decoration & a slide presentation with song for our childhood to growing up photos.

Oh yes, we are done! We shall view the sample of the album layout next month.

Invitation Cards

Since City Bayview does not provide us with wedding invitation card, we gotta start looking for the cards now. So, Gladys accompanied me to search for wedding invitation card last Tuesday.

This 2 shops are situated at Melaka Raya. The 1st shop has limited designs & they charged us for the location map printing for RM 80. The card is about RM 1 /pc for a quantity of 300 pcs.

Then we came to this second shops. They have a lot of choices. These are the few that I fell in love with. Though the card is slightly expensive, but it is inclusive of the location map. So my 'accountant' calculated & it came up to be comparable with the 1st shop we went to.
So, which is your choice? Again??? Haha.....

Sponsorship Needed!

We were chit-chatting in the room & BB jokingly told me to sponsor some of the items for our room. I took a piece of paper out and we started to write down the items needed for our room.

BB: You buy this because you use more. :-)
Me: Hey, no way. Where got such thing one?
BB: Instead of spending your money on all the skin care products & unnecessary stuffs, isn't it more worth while to spend something that can be seen & useful for our room?
Me: Hmmm.... Wait, lets list down the items first. Ok, done! BB will pay for this, this, this,..... and this. I pay for this few only. ;-)
BB: Wow.... clever you! Anyway, we have a good laugh over this funny conversation! We also got new nickname for both of us.

BB: JUICER - As though I am a fruit which is ready to be squeezed out for juice.
Me: Stonie - As hard as a stone & can't even squeeze a single juice out.

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