34 Weeks of Pregnancy

Dad's CABG was a successful one! However, his hospitalization has been prolong due to his fever and also his uncontrollable glucose reading (he has been put on insulin injection now). Mum & brother gotta take care of him over there, especially my poor mum. Dad wanted her to accompany him most of the nights. We were so worried that she couldn't take it due to her health condition. Surprisingly, she is coping it quite well.

Well, I'm getting tired each day, especially my back. The frequent visits to the loo are also made me quite frustrated because it has directly affected my rest as well. But I have also keep on reinforce my message to Ethan that he must wait till at least Week 38. So we both have to bear for another 4 weeks ya. Haha.... Sigh... pregnancy is never an easy task!

Oh ya, while working at Klinik A'Famosa, Dr. Gwee has performed a thorough ultrasound for us with his latest machine. He was so detailed and patience exploring baby Ethan. Lets see the following few pics!

Baby Ethan's little foots.

Part of his face. He likes to hide under my placenta.

His heartbeats.

33 Weeks of Pregnancy

It was a stressful week. My dad undergone his CABG surgery. It was so torturing to wait for the operation done. He was in the operation theater for almost 7 hours. I felt so relieved after getting the phone call from my brother that the surgery was a successful one. Phew........... I sincerely thank to everyone of you for the prayers and concerns given to my dad.

While my mum is not around & KJ's parents have to work, I helped to take care of Kai Jun every afternoon. In fact, he is quite easy to taking care of. He even told me that I'm his "Lao Po" (wife) when BB is not around. Haha...

My backache and pelvic pain is getting severe as the weeks progress, especially when I get up from the bed. However, I just have to bear with it for another 4-6 weeks. BB did massage me. It did not really help to ease the pain but I can feel the sweetness and thoughtfulness he is giving to me. Thanks BB.

32 Weeks of Pregnancy

Nothing much to blog about this week pregnancy. Basically, I'm doing well except that I'm suffering from a moderate backache whenever I get out from the bed.

I decided to share with Baby Ethan about his Grandpa (my Dad) story here.

Hi Ethan Boy,

Mummy was born in a middle-class family. I'm the only girl & I have one elder brother & one younger brother. Grandpa pampers Mummy since young. Whenever I requested, I got it, especially during my birthday and also when I scored good results in school. If I were to compare with my brothers, I'm the most lucky one among them. Everything seems to change after Grandpa left Wellcome (Ethan, Grandpa was an excellent sales person & he got many awards during his years of service with Wellcome)! He started mini market business with his buddy. However, due to the poor management, the business was winded up few years later with debts. Grandpa sold off his car and change to old junk car. We felt so shameful initially but we also accepted it with an open heart later. Grandma did some home-based jobs to ease the financial status. I remembered 3 of us used to help Grandma stick the t-shirt logos & she ironed it. She also accepted some sewing jobs from the neighbour. She even babysit 2 babies before. We also worked some part time jobs during school semester break. However, they always made sure that we paid our education & school bus fees on-time.

Ever since then, Grandpa has changed few jobs till he settled at Unilever. With stable income, Grandpa's drinking habit was worsen. He drank and gambled! Over the years, his credit card bills have piled up! We received many calls from the banks & we were so fade up. What's more? He even borrowed money from others. We helped him to settle his debts here and there. Mummy's brothers was totally disappointed till they wanna disown Grandpa as their father. Anyway, with much persuasion and also his health condition, we have asked him to come back home. We have forgiven him except for my elder brother. I know that he is still trying his best to accept him. Anyway, lets forget the past.

Grandpa is going for his bypass surgery this Thursday. Everyone is worry as nobody will know what is the outcome of the surgery. I have told him to stay positive as Baby Ethan will wanna say Hi to his Grandpa soon. Even then, the post surgery care is even more critical. We hope that Grandma & Uncle Ken will stay strong to accompany Grandpa through the entire days. Daddy, Mummy and Ethan will continue to give our supports to Grandpa by sending our regards to him everyday till he comes back to our home again!

Mummy in Dilemma

I have been in dilemma for the past 2 weeks. My Dad's Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery is approaching soon; which is on the 20th this month. I have promised him before that I will be going up to support him. But with the current H1N1 situation and also my condition, doctors, family members and friends have advised me to reconsider my plan. Yes, I'm worry too but then how should I tell him? He has been having nightmares for the past few weeks and you can see that he is also worrying of this surgery too. We may cheer him and advise him that he is getting the best center and the best surgeon to do the operation for him, but it's easier said than done! It is a major surgery after all.

Well, I just hope that Dad will understand my condition. Baby Ethan & I will pray for him everyday. I will also load some religious music and his favourite songs for him into my iPod. At least, this gadget will help to ease his mind before the surgery and also help to calm him down during the recovery period. So I must make sure that I complete this task by this weekend. Dad, this is the little thing that I can do for you but I'm sure that you will be out from the operation theater safely. Ethan will also wanna see his "Wai Gong" (Grandpa) in another 6-8 weeks time.

32 Weeks of Pregnancy

Wow... after pumping myself with lots of food for the past 1 month, Ethan's weight increased tremendously; from 1kg to 1.9kg. Mummy also increased by 2.2kg to 53kg now. Phew... I think that is enough! Dr. Vincent also advised me to control my food intake already. Else I might have difficulties when it comes to vaginal delivery.

We managed to see part of Ethan's face because he was hiding underneath my placenta. Hubby teased that Ethan's nose looks like me (wide) and I told him that his mouth looks like him (small and thin). Anyway, he is our precious one and of course he looks like us!

Consultation fees: RM 50

Shortness of Breath

I feel that I'm not getting enough of oxygen nowadays. Whenever I walked or climbed out the stairs, I feel so breathless. With the recent H1N1 outbreaks, I'm even more worry! Partly it is due to the nature of my works and also my risk as I'm in my 3rd trimester now. The diaphragm is being pushing upward by the little one & has decreased my lung capacity. Hence, this makes respiratory disease more dangerous. Hmmm... just pray hard that Ethan & Mummy will be safe from the pandemic flu.

Vaginal Delivery

During my early pregnancy, I told myself that I will go for C-section rather than normal delivery due to the pain and complication that we might be facing. Few months down the road, I changed my mind. I communicated with Baby Ethan that both of us should try hard for vaginal delivery but with the help of Epidural Analgesia. Since then, I encourage him now and then when we have the 2 of us time together.

But then again, I'm scare & worry to be alone in the labor room. Hubby B will not be accompanying me throughout the process because he has blood phobia. Sigh.... I just have to make sure that I'll be calm and brave on the D-Day so that I can deliver Baby Ethan safely and healthily. Ethan, we shall "Jia Yu! Jia Yu & Jia Yu!" Hey... not now ya! Mummy & Ethan have made a promise that you should be saying "Hello" at least in Week 38, ok. Daddy, we shall deserve a big hug from you once we see you!

30 Weeks of Pregnancy

I celebrated my 34th birthday with Ethan this year though he is still well keep in my womb right now. I hope he enjoyed every celebration that Mummy had; be it with my Hubby B, my PIL, my friends & also my family.

The 1st celebration started of with Hubby B! We had it at Kokiya Japanese Restaurant. He has given me a sweet Naraya handbag. I love it very much. Thanks BB.

Then on 27th July, I received a sms from Dad early in the morning. Hmm.... Dad mistaken that it was my birthday. Haha... He gave me an ang pao which I was quite reluctant to receive it initially. However, he said that it is a blessing for me and Ethan. Thanks Pa.

This is the 1st year I celebrated my birthday with my PIL & SIL officially! PIL spent me a scrumptious dinner at Wok & Pan Restaurant. I ordered the BBQ Pork Ribs & the portion was huge. Of course, I couldn't finished it though I'm eating for 2. Thanks PaPa & MaMa.

On the D-day, something caught my attention when I opened my room door. Hey.. it is a nicely made birthday card with a box of Kiehl's products from my SIL. I have yet to try it because there are so precious and expensive. Thanks Cheng Leng.

This year I just wished to have a small celebration with my friends. So, Liza, Sam & my brother has organized a steamboat lunch for me. Gladys didn't join us because she was having training in KL. But we met up on the next day with Kelvin for a McD lunch. Oh ya, back to our steamboat lunch. We had it at "Tong Sheng Yuan" at Melaka Raya. He was a chef from Restaurant Fat Lee & there are many artists who had visited the restaurant before. However, the steamboat was on the average side. They also bought me a Mango Cake. The Cake is yummy and it was not very sweet. Thanks my friends!

SIL or I should said Straits Pharmacy spent me a delicious dinner too. We packed few dishes from Golden Mansion Restaurant. The food served this round was not up to our expectation. Could it be cooked by another chef? The baked crabs was a bit over cooked as the meat was not very juicy. However, I enjoyed the dinner very much with my family. Kai Jun was the most happy one because he always like to see everyone in the family gather together. He even asked me to stay longer to play with him. Haha... Naughty boy!

Oh ya, Mummy gave me another ang pao too. The wishes were the same as Dad that I'll have a safe delivery & a healthy baby. Thanks Mi!

I always enjoyed my birthday a lot. This is the day that I'll pamper myself. I can't imagine will I still be able to enjoy this day next year when Ethan is around? I bet I will! Thanks everyone!

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