His Betrothal, My Return of Gifts

One week before our wedding,.............

One of my favourite food from Mum - Mee Siam.

BBQ Chicken Wings from my younger brother.

This naughty one is the first to eat the yummylicious food served.

My SIL, Kai Jun & Grandma.

While waiting for Hubby B, two of us were playing with the camera. Kai Jun held me so tight as if he was telling me that he does not want "Ku Ku" to leave him.

Gifts from the groom side.

Pa lights up the candles as the start of the ceremony.

Our "Mei Ren", Auntie Jenny.

Brother: Sis, can you behave a little bit serious while the prayer is still carrying on?
Me: I'm posing for the best so that you could capture such an important moment. Muahaha....

While we enjoying our meal.......
Elder brother is busy preparing the stuffs to return to the groom side.
It was all done!

Grandma is admiring our wedding picture with a smile on her face.

I'm promoting mum's mee siam by packing it for Auntie Jenny to bring back home. ;-P

Ceremony done & BB is preparing to go back to Seremban for their prayer.

We have nothing better to do. So again, self portrait.

My favourite roast pork.

Mum is cutting it. I can't wait to eat it.

Biscuits to be given to the relatives.

He seem to enjoy the day very much.

Our Intimacy Moment

We were satisfied with our albums. The cover page for the big album is nice, isn't it? Haha...... it was my idea & I personally like it very much too. Something special besides the usual stuff. Agreed with me?

These are the photos for the relatives and friends. Which is your choice?

These are the pre-wedding, childhood & also courtship slides show. I am the editor for the childhood & courtship. Hehe...

Bride's Nightmare!

I had a nightmare last night! I dreamt that I forgotten to go for my dinner makeup session at InCreative when the dinner time was about to start soon. The worst part is that my guests list was not completed. All my guests were surrounded at the reception counter to ask for their seat. Gosh.... luckily it was just a dream! Take a deep breath & relax.

Our Bunting

Today was a tiring day. I got our bunting from GL advertising (5.5 x 8ft). The Groom one is nice. My bunting's finishing is not up to my expectation. They actually patched up with another piece of tarpaulin. So after collecting the organza from the fabric shop, I headed to City Bayview Hotel. Together with the event organizer, we tried out the defect bunting. Hmmm... it was sad to say that the defect can still be seen. Besides, the plastic pole of the bunting was curling in due to its heaviness.

Hence, I sent back the bunting to GL. They agreed to redo the defected piece. However, I'm worrying the plastic pole now. I scare that it will drop off during the dinner if they hang up 2-3 days earlier before the dinner. Just pray that everything will go on smoothly that night. :-)

Pianist & Violinist

We have decided to engage a pianist & violinist for our wedding dinner. I got it at special price because the pianist knows my brother & also my best friend. He will play for 3 sessions starts from 730pm. Each session will last about 45 minutes. However, he has assured me that he will play till the official dinner ended. The poor thing is that he has to transport his piano to the hotel. Thanks Alan.

For those who are interested, please contact Mr. Alan Yeo @ 016-2727 200.

Btw, I would like Alan to play Pachelbel's Canon in D as our march-in song. What do you think?

The custom made furnitures are finally fixed on. Thanks FIL for taking down the pictures.

Our workstation.

The panel for our LCD TV.

Headboard for our bed.

Wardrobe No. 1.

Wardrobe No. 2 & my dressing table.

View from balcony.

Wedding Gifts

I have received 2 wedding gifts officially.

A Tissot's book?Haha... it is a automatic watch given by my beloved Kor Kor (auntie) & my lovely younger brother. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

A diamond platinum ring (Liza, you understood my meaning ya)?

It is a beautiful jewelry fashion watch from Folli Follie. Yes, I love watches. My buddies know it & I appreciated their thought very much. They shouldn't have waste their money to buy me any gift. So Pai Seh! Liza, Samantha, Gladys, Chloe, Sharine & Cheong, thank you so much!

Wedding Favor

Our surprises to the guest. Something funny. ;-) Thanks for this great creation from my FIL.

Suzana has helped us up for the packing. We finished it over the weekend with a total of 405 pieces. Thanks Suzana.

Latest Progress of Our Room

No update for your room renovation following your previous post? Has it completed yet?

Our rain shower. We can dance in the rain everyday. Yahooo.....

This WC is super important for the start of our day! Hehe...

Our bathroom in a glance. The granite countertop & basin has not fixed yet.

The work for the laminated flooring has just started on last Saturday's morning.

Our American Oak Laminated Flooring completed in the evening. Pretty fast right?

The interior designer has suggested us to do this. We are actually looking forward raining day so that we could listen to the sound of nature.

Wood railing for our balcony.

That's all. Will update more once the furnitures are fixed in.

Our Ballroom Decoration

We are doing something like the above picture as part of our wedding deco. Nice right?
Anyway, I'm headache now. Should I go for balloons or flowers for the balance of the deco? O.K. Let me explain.
  1. Balloons' arch at the entrance 2 & helium-filled balloons at the ceiling near to the reception counter (Total cost: RM 700).
  2. Only fresh flower standees (3 in a row for both side) along the walkway plus rose petals. Then we will use the artificial flowers' arch from the hotel (Total cost: RM 580).
I think we do not need the balloon's arch at the entrance 2. As entrance 1 is quite narrow, a balloons' arch will look a bit messy there. Personally, I prefer to have the option 2. The price quoted by Ambridge Cottage is quite reasonable & I like their ideas & services too. Anyway, I will need to discuss with Hubby B first.

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