From 1st Day till Full Moon

Ethan's Nanny

Initially, we do not know whether we shall let Susana to take care of Ethan or not. However, we decided to engage her as Ethan's Nanny after she has agreed with the terms & conditions we have set for her.

She carries Ethan with this sling. It was quite scary to look at on the first glance as I worried Ethan might fell out from the sling. However, she has assured that Ethan will be safe in the sling. Haha... Anyway, we do not wanna Ethan to be carried & pampered too much in this sling.

Susana has just undergone her hysterectomy on Thursday. She has been discharged today & she will be able to take care of Ethan once she is fully recovered. Well, she has met our requirements so far. She is organized and she is clean. Most importantly, she obeys to our T&C so far. No complaints at the moments but we will still monitor her on and off.

Wish "Wak Wak" (a.k.a Auntie) will have a speedy recovery!

Ethan's Full Moon

It is a Divali & we decided to celebrate Ethan Full Moon on the day too. I thought I would be a pretty mommie on his day but who knows that I turned out wearing the awful glasses. Sigh.... Actually, my CL supposed to take care Ethan and I wanna have a good rest. Who knows that she asked me to take care of Ethan! She was asked to wake up early to prepare the Ginger Chicken Wine (10 chickens) by my MIL. Moreover, Ethan was so naughty that he pooped quite a numbers of time during the night. I was so exhausted till I've shown my sour face to BB. Poor him.... Don't even dare to talk to me. Haha!

On the day, my eyes were badly infected & I was restless. After washing out ourselves, we have this hair cutting ceremony for Ethan. The ceremony was completed with the help from Grandma.

Daddy is cutting Ethan's hair.

I took the red egg to roll on his cheeks so that he will have a rosy cheek. Haha...

Mai Po fed him after the ceremony.

Our lovely Grandma. She is my all time favourite because she is always with her smilling face & humble look.

Ethan slept so soundly in the living hall.

My beloved no. 1 - Kai Jun!

My beloved no. 2 - Lucas. He is getting chubby now. Haha...

Daddy, Mummy & Ethan.

And of course with me!

We have forgotten to take family photo during the day. So these are the pics we managed to capture in the evening. We also missed all the photos session with our family and relatives! What a regret!

Ethan's pressies.

Durian Rash

Last week, when I was strolling Ethan's head, I saw one pimple with greenish discharge grew on his head. Then one day later, it popped out 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Sometimes we managed to wipe it out during his shower time. But I dare not pinch it out as there grows on his fontanel. SIL told me to apply a thin layer of Fucicort cream. I did and some of it has dried out already.

The elderly called it Durian rash as I had too much Durian during my pregnancy. Haha... If it is, then I'm sorry, my precious!

Happy Family

I must praise my Hubby B once again! He is not only a supportive, lovely & caring Hubby B, he is also a patience & caring Daddy too. I remember that he told me this before he resume to work.

"Nie, you must take good care of yourself. You must put yourself in first priority & Ethan comes in second, ok?"

Our one and only happy family photo.

Daddy brought him to the balcony. He likes chit-chatting with his precious son. Sometimes he can talk to him for as long as 30 mins. :P

Father & Son

While I was putting Ethan to sleep the other day, I can see how resemble he is to his father when BB was a child.

So I told BB and this was what he did! Do they look alike? Hehe......


Ethan hates to be stripped off, especially during shower time. Once you undressed him, you can hear him crying out loud. We were wondering whether he is afraid of water or he dislikes to expose his sexy body to us. Haha...

Lien Jie is preparing him to shower. 1,2,3............

Here he starts!

Look at him! He just can't relax himself.

Ethan, you gotta get use to the water. Else, how is Daddy going to bring you to swim in future?

Once he is wrapped like a cocoon, then you can see how peaceful he is.

My Labor Experience

After taking my pregnancy portraits, I have told Ethan that he can come out anytime he wants to. So the next morning, 21-Sept-09, I experienced a series of roller coaster.

815am: Upon waking up from my sleep, I can feel an amount of liquid flowing out from my vaginal. I quickly cleaned up myself and have my last shower.

930am: My McD breakfast.

Is Hubby B ready to see his lovely son?

I admitted to Hospital Pantai Ayer Keroh at 1030am. The staff nurse did a vaginal examination for me & it was only dilated 1cm. She told me that the dilation for 1st delivery is about 1cm per hour. So I shall expect to see Ethan by 9pm??

The fetal heartbeat & my contraction chart.

1100: I was given enema to clear my bowel.

1135: I was induced with Pitocin 3mg. It was inserted into my vaginal and it was kind of painful. With the Pitocin, I was not allowed to walk around till 1230pm.

1233: Nurse said my contraction was a weak one. Amniotic fluid is still leaking.

1400: Suffering moderate backache & period cramp symptom. Dr. Liu is not here yet to examine me. I'm hungry but I am not allowed to take any food except for liquid. Hence I requested for a cup of Milo.

1450: Midwife asked me to remove my cutex. Sigh.... wasted my money doing the pedicure.

1500: I'm having moderate contraction.

1600: Aiya.... I need to run to the toilet. Diarrhea.

My camera man for the day. Hehe... Guess he is excited too!

1630: Only dilated 3cm. Dr. Tan KH came for epidural anesthesia procedure. It was a little discomfort when the needle went into my spine.

This blood pressure set is to monitor my pressure after the Epidural. The upper reading should always keep at 100 and above.

I'm still energetic!

2100: VE check again! OMG! Only 4cm. I'm suffering from severe gastric pain & was given Zantac injection.

2145: Staff Nurse came. She said my bladder might be full. Hence she put urine catheter to drain up my urine.

2300: Contraction pain on my left upper thigh and back. The epidural set was not well operated by the nurses. I will complain to Dr. Tan later!

2350: VE again! I'm fully dilated but still do not have the urge to push (passing motion).

0030: Dr. Liu came. I am kind of demotivated after he told me that Ethan's head is not engaged & I might go under c-section delivery. However, he suggested to try vacuum delivery first.

I'm kind of worry if I could make it for this vacuum delivery. Anyway, I told myself to stay positive & I must make sure I push Ethan out from my tummy.

Phew.... I successfully delivered Ethan out with only 6 pushes. What a relief!

I can't stop myself from crying after seeing Baby Ethan. It is such a miracle.

Ethan's pediatric, Dr. Gan YC examined Ethan while Dr. Liu is clearing out my placenta. I had 30 stitches since there is a tear (episiotomy).

When everything is done, Dr. Gan brought Ethan to me! He was crying none stop but when I called him, he stopped immediately. We're amazed! Dr. Gan, as a lactation consultant too, has shown us the power of Breast Crawl. Ethan searched for my nipple & he suckled it once he found it. He got my precious colostrum! Well done, Ethan. Dr. Gan also shared with us the benefits of breastfeeding & we have learned a lot from her.

0200: Dr. Tan KH came to remove the epidural needle from my spine. He shown me the blue tip must be seen when the small tubing is pulled out.

Then the staff nurse came to clean up my wound. It is already 3am when they pushed me to the ward to rest. I was overwhelming & excited! I only slept for 2.5 hrs and the nurse came. I was asked to pass urine and I managed to do so though I was kind of worried that the wound might hurt.

The nurse pushed him in for breastfeeding. Hallo Ethan!

Daddy & Ethan. Thanks Hubby B. You have always be a very supportive husband throughout my pregnancy & labor journey. I cherish it very much. I love you always.

Do I like good? Hehe... At last!

Blocked Tear Duct

Since yesterday, there is a yellow discharge coming from Ethan's right eye. It is so sticky that he can't open his eye. We have wiped it several times but it didn't seem to help. Guess I'll try to massage the corner of his eye near the bridge of his nose down with my finger and also squirt some breast milk in his eye because of all the natural antibiotics. Hope this yellow discharge will go away soon.

Jaundice Update

Phew..... Finally Ethan was abled to discharg on Monday. His SB reading was at 196 (11.5) unit. We were so happy! But Dr. Gan has advised that his jaundice might rise a bit but it should not be severe anymore. The rise might due to breastfeed jaundice and some can prolong till 4-6 weeks. I'm kind of stress out and keep on monitoring him now and then. I even requested my CL to stop using ginger in my food temporarily until Ethan is fully recovered.

Daddy, I am back home & I miss you here.

We brought him for sunbathing on the next morning. He is cool, right?

The 2nd day of his sunbathing.

Poliklinik Ayer Keroh's nurses came to check on him. Great news that his jaundice is perfectly fine now. His weight is at 3kg on his 8th day of birth.

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