Hubby B's Ring

We went to shop for ring today. Since BB needs gold as his Feng Sui element, I saw this ring from Tomei's web page which I quite like it. So we stopped by the shop in Mahkota Parade. Unluckily, they do not have the ring that I want. The designer recommended few to us but I dislike it because it doesn't suit BB. Then we went to the other jewelry shop in Dataran Pahlawan. I saw one which is quite nice but the size doesn't fix him. The alteration takes about 2 weeks. Well it definitely out of our picture because next Sunday is our registration date. BB told me he will check out from Tomei in 1-Utama on next Monday. Wonder will he delay & shop for it last minute?

Actually I was a bit unhappy with BB. He doesn't seem to be involved in this ring selection. When asking his opinion, everything was ok to him. He was busy checking & considering the offer from various phone shops (Oh ya, he wanted to trade off his SE P990i to P1i). I know he likes to do thing last minutes. Over the years, I have adapted to his behavior. But it is our wedding & I think he should at least show respect to it.

Everyone has told me that we should start preparing for our wedding, but how could it be possible for me to start it all by myself? For those bride who has been through this, could you please share with me your experiences & advice?


Monday Morning Power said...

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Please let me know when you have posted the Big Bang so I can take you off my "conditional" list.

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Julie said...

Just checking out your website from the link in the "Big Bang". Cool site!

When it comes to weddings, there are usually some things that the bride has definite preferences for that the groom won't care about. Could you start looking into some of those things?

Hazel said...

u need to know about your own demanding at first, budget...and others..

Tak Feng & Li Li said...

Hi Julie, thanks for ur advice. I will.

precious said...

I think guys are generally quite blur when it comes to weddings. Not like the girls who buy heaps of wedding magazines and tour one bridal shop after another, lol!

By the way, you should read this:- The Great Ring Debate at

I can't believe what he did to his wedding ring!

precious said...

Oh, looks like the URL is not showing. Click here for the link.

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