What Is My Opportunity Cost?

Shirley, the nail artist who is attached to Ler Beauty did my finger & toe nails art for my wedding photo shooting. I chose a simple stone & 3D love for my toes. This set of toe arts cost RM 35. How about my artificial finger nails art? I can't recall how many times I have asked Shirley to change the base color. Finally I chose silver color. Can you feel the wedding bells are ringing there? I paid RM 80 for this set of artificial finger nails art.

I didn't feel real with these artificial nails. It was so challenging for me to take off my contact lenses using this nails. Ah........I heard my real finger nails were complaining.

Because the nail glue was so sticky, I have a tough times to pull & pry them off of my fingers though I have soaked my nails into warm water as instructed. I have ruined my real nails!

So what do you think my opportunity cost is? I bet you for sure that I won't use this artificial nails on my actual wedding day!


steff@lifeadventurez.com said...

ooh u are so busy...enjoy your wedding preps hor...good!

=eLaiNe= said...

hi there! love your wedding blog! sweet! will come back for more! Congrats!

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