The Arrival of The Groom & Buddies

While my "Chi Mui" were busy preparing the fun stuffs for my BB & his buddies, we heard the car honk. Oh my God......... they have reached my house.

My brother opened the door to welcome his brother-in-law.

Can't wait to get me ya?? Hehe....

The buddies were served with some yummy crackers.

Wow....... what have they packed for us?

What a disgusting stuffs? Are we going to eat that?

Haha... the undies was too small for him.

Mission failed. :(

Since this was the failure from my wife's friends, let me enjoyed the fruits then.

"Nescafe Kao" with banana for you & your buddies.

The bride's room key were in this pail of ice water.

Kenny Goh has volunteered to search for it.

While searching, Gladys has fed Kenny with some icy cold ice-cream.

Kenny has failed as his leg was too big for this pail. So Dennis was the second one to go.

Aiya.... why can't this key open the door one??

It was BB's turn to do it. Woo......... Let him drink the coke first before the mission starts.

He was serious!

Oh... they were cheated by my "Chi Mui". Actually none of the keys inside the pail were for this room.

He was asked to say 3 things that he loves about me. If I remembered correctly, he mentioned
  1. Her enlarged eyes after wearing the mystic black contact lenses.
  2. We can communicate to each other well.
  3. ??

Final "Ang Pao". Please open the door for the groom............

Huh? I still can't my wife yet??

Little Wife, wait for me ya. I will sure find ur left heel.

Haha........ I found it.

Let me wear it for you.

A bouquet of flower for you!

Phew........ so loving!

Lets exchange the ring!

Yeah..... we're officially husband & wife accroding to the chinese ceremony!


Cutie said...

Hey, I kinda like your make up artist... How much does she charges you? Can give me her contact?

Tak Feng and Li Li said...

Hi Cutie, her name is Ms Han from InCreative Bridal House. You may contact her @ 017-6789008 or 06-2816866. She charged me @ RM 550 for day & night. So how's ur preparation so far?

Lovely Mummy said...

Congratulations to you...looks like you are really busy before and after

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

hi steph! playing the heng tai is so much fun lar. I can't wait to hv my chi mui playing the heng tai! haha :)

love yr makeup too! it's so naturally! you look extraordinary beautiful! congratulations once again on yr marriage! Love & Hugs!! :)

Tak Feng and Li Li said...

Haha Shirley, indeed I was & I'm. :)

Hi Jean, meaning the bell is ringing soon? If yes, congrats & am really happy to both of you as well.

Cutie said...

Hi, Well, haven't prepare much. And have to spend a lot of money for the wedding as well. Anyway, at least yours is finally over. Mine is just the beginning. Hehe.. Oh ya, thanks for the number.

Tak Feng and Li Li said...

Haha Cutie, enjoy the process though it can be quite stressful sometimes. Let me know if you need any advice ya. :)

Mummy to QiQi said...

Li Li, you look so beautiful! so wasted i couldnt attend your wedding!

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