BB's ACL Reconstructions , 22-10-08 (3)

It was his 3rd day after his surgery. He was coping quite well. I helped to wipe him out because his was still not very mobile. However, after we purchased the rubber protector from KLSMC, which cost us RM 84, BB could managed his shower quite easily already.

It was not difficult to take care of him. In fact, he was a temporarily herbivore. Haha.... his meal was about veges. Actually he also took this opportunity to detox his body.

The bruises have started to appear on his operated leg. Dr. Tay said that it was a normal reaction after the surgery.

I hang up here most of the times while waiting BB to finish up his physio session.

Compare the both legs. Do you mark his operated leg was swollen?

Flowers from his distributor and company.

During his recovery stage, I could felt that he was quite disappointed with his progress. Besides his routine physio, he also took the initiative to do some exercises which he has gotten from the net. He felt the tiredness even though it was a simple exercise like lifting up his leg. However, I have cheered him up & encouraged him along the way.

He has back to work after taking 7 working days of medical leave. I would say that with his determination & persistency, he is perfectly ok now. However, he can only resume to his high density sports in another 9 months time.

We would like to thank all the family members for their help during this period. Thank you so much.


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