16 & 17 Weeks of Pregnancy

Basically nothing much to update for this 2 weeks. Everything seems to be back to normal now. Oh ya, thanks everyone for the advices & supports given on my previous post! I'm fine now. We have talked and discussed the day after that. He has expressed his concerns to me. Actually he is not sure how his job will turn out to be. If he has to fly frequently, he would prefer me to stay in Melaka than in KL. My family and friends are here to assist me whenever I need their help. Whereby in KL, he worries of my safety as well as the loneliness that I have to bear when he is away. It is true and I have no doubts on that. Anyway, we will see how things go along the way. :)

Last Thursday night, we suddenly planned to visit Bandung for a 3D2N shopping trip. So we got all the ticket and hotel booking done by the next day. Hehe... Then our crazy shopping trip started on Saturday till Sunday. I will blog about our trip on my next post.

While waiting to board to the plane back to Malaysia, I received a missed call from Dr. Liu's Clinic. OMG, the Triple Test result is out. I wanted to return their call but was stopped by Hubby B as the call rate from Indonesia to Malaysia is expensive. So as you can guess, I have a torturing journey back to Malaysia. Immediately we went into our car, I called them up. Phew.... It is a piece of great news. The result is perfect.

Hmm... I am experiencing itchiness on my belly on and off. Though I have applied Bio Oil and also Emu Oil on it, it doesn't seem to aid the itch at all. :( Besides, I have also suffering from back pain now. However, the pain is still manageable. But many of my friends told me that the pain will worsen as times go by. Oh... hope I will not be one of the victim.


Cheng Leng said...

Everytime I see your belly bigger, it feels so exciting! I hope there is something you can do about the backpain. Feng must massage more often.

Tak Feng and Li Li said...

Feng and I are also excited to see the belly growing day by day. Actually I look forward my monthly checkup as I could really see our baby is growing healthily in my womb.

My SIL did teach me a relaxation pose to relieve my back pain. I'm trying it and hope it will help.

sinlee said...

bandung?? wah....i heard the shopping there were great!! but r the goods original there? someone told me it's not....

Tak Feng and Li Li said...

Hi Sin, I guess you need to check out the item first before u purchase it. As I mentioned, go only the few recommended one will do.

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