Home Alone

We were counting down for Christmas at this hour last year! I can still remember that lovely night. But this year, I'm alone for the countdown. BB has just gone out with his kaki botol, Mr. Ong! I'm quite disappointed because I expect him to celebrate the eve with me together. Though he has gotten me a pressie, but his absence has a significant impact to me!

Normally I do not stop him from going out. I know he needs to distress himself sometimes. I tried to be calmed but I guess he felt the tense in me! He teased me and as expected, my tears started to roll down. Lousy me! I confessed to him that I love to spend every single festival with him, especially the atmosphere during the eve. He apologized to me and has promised that he will reserve himself just for me in future. Hopefully, he shall keep in promise!

I'm going to bed soon! Merry Christmas, Hubby B.


benlyl said...

Wow! the first cut is the deepest
From Uncle Ben

lil' bulb said...

Understood your feeling. Why man can go out while we got to stay back with kids.... I also felt 'geram' last time especially when bb crying non stop, we panic.

However, just bear with that. Your hubby already make his promise to you ma....

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