Happy 4-Month-Old Birthday!

How is the 4th months old Ethan doing? He is doing extremely great! We are so proud of his progress! He begins to love his shower times. He bathes twice a day. Whenever u took him out from his bathtub, he will sure make lot of complaints! Besides, he has refused to lie down nowadays. He wants to be in sit up position so that he can survey the world. Of course, this playful boy likes to giggle & wiggle especially when his PoPo plays with him. It is definitely a joy to see the changes on him.

He is on bib because he drools so often. Has the white thingy teeth start to grow yet?

It is PoPo's birthday! Ethan is happily cradled by his Ah Toh.

It's PoPo's 80-Years Old birthday. The celebration is held at Klana Hotel, Seremban. Happy Birthday, PoPo & Ah Toh!

Hey! I have something to share! Ethan pooed while we were driving to Seremban. So we have no choice but to clean him up at one of the petrol station. :)


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