Happy Tiger Year!

This year, we spent our CNY's eve at our auntie house at Tropicana. Ethan was not used to it for the first few hours. But after that, he was perfectly fine with it. Though he never get to sleep real peacefully.

Throughout the journey back to Melaka, he was so grumpy. He cried none stop. So the Daddy has decided to discipline him by putting him in his car seat (rather than letting Susana to cradle him). He was crying with his crocodile tears. We ignored him. After a few tries, he fell to sleep. Haha...

BB told me that a person characters can never change but we can discipline him when he is still young. I totally agreed! So Ethan Chan, please be prepared from now on. Nobody can ever pamper u now if we are around with you. I do hope "Wak Wak" and the PoPo will not spoil him when we are not around.

We wish everyone a prosperous, healthy and wealthy Tiger Year!


Mummy to QiQi said...

car seat and leaving to cry does not work for my sons :(

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