Who is the Mother?

I'm sad. I was playing with Ethan after I have changed him. Then Susana came and said goodbye to him before going to take her shower. I thought of putting him to sleep. So I switched off the light. Then he started to cry! I transferred him to his bouncer but sadly, he was still crying none stop. BB heard of his cry and came in. He put him onto his mattress and he cried even fiercely. We ignored him. Well, it was kind of hurt to see him cried out loud.

However, he was much more calmer after Susana came in. Oh my! For that 10 minutes, our beloved son can't recognize us! How could it possibly be? I'm really upset. After some thoughts, he maybe.....
  1. too tired for the day (cause his mood was not good for the whole day); or
  2. he is feeling discomfort as he is teething soon; or
  3. I turned off the light as soon as Susana went out from the room
Well, for a start, we have decided to bring Ethan over to sleep with us every Friday. Lets see how it goes!


stephanie kok said...

If your child is under the care of your maid and the maid spend more time with him than you, surely the child will be closer to the maid than you or your husband. Especially during comfort time, surely the child will want someone that is close to him to be with him.

Is like that lah coz u are working.

Anonymous said...

好文章就值得回響,如果可以常常看到您的更新,應該是件很幸福的事情~~ ........................................

Vyctorya C. said...

i totally understand...the feeling sucks!! especially if ur child choose the maid over his/her mother...feel like crying most of the time *sobs*

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