His Proposal on 11-Dec, 2007

I decided to make an early trip to PJ for shopping on 11-12-07. Since Hubby B was not working, he picked us up from Royale Bintang. While we were shopping at 1U, he suddenly told me this. "Dear! Come! Lets go to see ring!"

I was surprised & my eyes blinked for a second. Though it was an unromantic proposal from him but I was in cloud nine already. Haha... So he brought me to Selberan. We went around the shop & he asked the customer service to take out one of the ring. Hmmm... it was like he has already came to the shop before & he knew the ring that he wanted. He just needed my finger to confirm the right size. Sometimes I just have to admit that my man is the most adorable one.

I love the ring that he chose very much. It was simple & nice. However, the ring gotta down size due to my tiny ring finger. When we came out from the shop, then I realized that I have not known the price yet. I was shocked when he told me the price. Oh my dear! It is an expensive one. He assured me that as long as I love it, the price was not an issue. Anyway, it is a sign of eternity! Thanks Hubby B!


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