A Surprise on 1-Jan-08

We were discussed of our registration date today. We both planned to fix it at 11-Feb-08, which is during our 3 years 5 months anniversary date. Some of you might say why not 14-Feb, right? Maybe we just do not like to be too crowded. :-)

Then we discussed on the dinner venue & BB told me that he still prefer to have it at City Bayview Hotel. We attended one of the wedding dinner there before & we like the food served over there. Though the ambient might not be as good as Renaissance, but they have recently won the best 4-Star Hotel Award.

We have discussed so much but we have not informed to our parents yet. BB wanted to inform his parents on 1-Jan-2008, which is their 31-Year Anniversary. I have actually came up a creative idea to surprise them but that China Ah Pek doesn't want it. ;-p

Another 1 week to go, then we will start with all the necessary preparation.


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