He is Nervous

I never know that my man is a shy guy. Haha... Since Hubby B's parents have gone for the New Year countdown, we waited for them to come back so that we would want to deliver our good news to them. We ordered a bouquet of pink roses for the couple's 34-Year Anniversary celebration.They came back about 1:45am & they were happy with this surprise. So I was waiting for him to announce it. He was quiet & I felt that he was nervous. While auntie was going up for shower, I disturb him. "See! Auntie went up to zzzz..... d!"

He waited for her to come down. Hmmm.... "Could it be Auntie slept already?" Then he walked out from the TV room. He returned with a smile. He told me that Auntie's handbag is still in the dinning room. So she would definitely come down again.

As expected, Auntie joined us for the drama. Again, this man was quietly sitting there. When the drama end, he still keeping himself silence. He looked at me pitifully & told me that he will definitely announce it today.

While watching the series again after our brunch, I teased him that he has a big gold mine inside his mouth. Haha.... He then said it that he will do it during dinner time. So that we can toast & celebrate together. I just discovered that he is such a funny, shy & nervous man.

Take your time, BB! I will not pressure you. Lets see what is going to happen tonight. Love you.


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