Does Wedding Cake Mean Anything?

I believe that everything to do with wedding has its symbols & meanings. So does the wedding cakes. Hence, I googled & found this interesting beliefs.

'The cutting of the cake meant the bride losing her virginity & the way the groom puts his hand on the bride's also meant that he has lost his virginity too.' (funny but horrible isn't it?)

'The bride & groom together cut & eat the first slice of the cake, symbolized their desire to love & nurture each other.' (This is more meaningful!)

From the wedding banquets that I attended, the wedding cakes provided by hotels or restaurants are mostly the dummy one. Whether to have or not to have a custom designed wedding cakes are much depend on the couple. Maybe with this individualized cakes, it definitely will make your wedding celebration extra special.

Ambridge Cottage in Melaka does provide this service but I do not know their pricing. For those who are interested, please visit their shop for further inquiry.

No.670-A 1st Floor Jalan Melaka Raya 8,
Taman Melaka Raya 75000 Melaka.
(Next to Standard Charted Bank)

Contact No:
012- 6360586 Eric Chong
012- 6970835 Agnes Chong

I'm sorry that I have made a mistake here. AC does not provide this service though their lovely mummy can do it. It requires lots of times & energy.

3 comments: said...

get real cake lah, everytime fake cake, boring ler..
normally when we have our wedding at church, we will have a wedding cake. REAL one la. So we share the cake with everyone.
Of course yours you are not able to share with all the people that attending but you can distribute it to all your relatives later.

BTW it is not cheap...hundreds lah!

Anonymous said...

ambrige cottatge familly is very CHEAP better be a chick
$$ EYES 1

Anonymous said...
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