Sponsorship Needed!

We were chit-chatting in the room & BB jokingly told me to sponsor some of the items for our room. I took a piece of paper out and we started to write down the items needed for our room.

BB: You buy this because you use more. :-)
Me: Hey, no way. Where got such thing one?
BB: Instead of spending your money on all the skin care products & unnecessary stuffs, isn't it more worth while to spend something that can be seen & useful for our room?
Me: Hmmm.... Wait, lets list down the items first. Ok, done! BB will pay for this, this, this,..... and this. I pay for this few only. ;-)
BB: Wow.... clever you! Anyway, we have a good laugh over this funny conversation! We also got new nickname for both of us.

BB: JUICER - As though I am a fruit which is ready to be squeezed out for juice.
Me: Stonie - As hard as a stone & can't even squeeze a single juice out.


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