Invitation Cards

Since City Bayview does not provide us with wedding invitation card, we gotta start looking for the cards now. So, Gladys accompanied me to search for wedding invitation card last Tuesday.

This 2 shops are situated at Melaka Raya. The 1st shop has limited designs & they charged us for the location map printing for RM 80. The card is about RM 1 /pc for a quantity of 300 pcs.

Then we came to this second shops. They have a lot of choices. These are the few that I fell in love with. Though the card is slightly expensive, but it is inclusive of the location map. So my 'accountant' calculated & it came up to be comparable with the 1st shop we went to.
So, which is your choice? Again??? Haha.....


Anonymous said...

I vote for the second one...maybe you can change the word "xi" into gold colour... think it will look nicer... said...

the 5th one!

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