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I am a aromatherapy lover. I love the psychological and physical benefits of essential oil. Hence, with the recommendation of my friends & beautician, I have tried out a series of Decleor skin care products. Partly, I also wanted to have a much glowing & healthy complexion during my wedding day.

However, as soon as one week after the use of the products, I encountered allergic reaction. A red patch of skin appeared on the side of my nose, cheeks, forehead & around my mouth. It swelled mildly sometimes. Initially I thought it was caused by the sunburn effect during my trip to Dungun. So, I went to do a facial to calm the skin down. It did help a bit but one day later, the same problems occurred again. I went back to the beautician again & she reassured me that this is only a transition period. Their products are working & it actually penetrated deep into my skin layer. It helped to detoxify the previous products that I have used. Ok. I accepted & I continue living with all my Decleor products.

Weeks after weeks, my skin is still not recovered yet. My doctor even prescribe a 5-day course of steroid therapy for me. I also self-medicated with anti-histamine medicine & steroid ointment as well. Unluckily, this severe form of atopic eczema is so annoying with more flare-ups that last for several weeks and the inflammation covers many areas of my face.

"Wake up, Stephanie! You need to do something with your skin allergy! Your wedding is coming soon." So I went to consult Dr. Lee CM during my mum's medical check-up. He confirmed that it was a atopic dermatitis. He has asked me to stop using my Decleor products & has prescribed a 10-day course of Aerius to me.

My face recovered from the allergic reactions after 2 days of the medication & I have also switched back to my previous skin care product, Cellnique. I have learned a lesson from this bad experience. To the bride-to-be, please do not follow my foot steps ya. Luckily, my friend is kind enough to buy all my Decleor products.

22-Jun: 3 weeks after using the products.
24 Jun: 1 day after steroid treatment.
27 Jun: Flares up & decided to discontinue with steroid due to side effects.1-July: Stop the products completely on 30-Jun & has just started the anti-histamine, Aerius therapy.2-July: The drug effect is pretty fast.
However, there was a mild flare-up in the evening. 4-Jul: Recovered completely. Bye Decleor!


Cheng Leng said...

WOW it looks really bad in the first few photos. Thank God it has cleared up. You must have been very worried.

sinlee said..., bride to's better not to try any new products at the moment...;)

well, hope to see a beautiful and radiant bride on ur wedding day...;) take care...and rest a lot, k? ....

Tak Feng & Li Li said...

Hi Cheng Leng, I was quite stressed up with this awful face. Tak Feng teased that I am those who appeared in newspaper one. Haha......

Hi Sin Lee, no more next time for me since my skin is so fragile. Sure will rest 'kao kao' cause I wanna be a beautiful bride as well. :) said...

aiyo..this is scarie moment. dont simply use the aromatherapy thingy la..actually in fact it is not suitable for everybody.
i think u need to go to New York Skin specialist lor.. in Mahkota got right?

Tak Feng & Li Li said...

steph, thanks for your kind info. Actually my skin has recovered after stopping the aromatherapy products. :)

Dora said...

Lucky that u r "awake" in time to give it a cure. Yeah every bride wants to look beautiful but from my experience, daily cleansing & health care is more than enough. All u hv to do is relax to wait for the day!


Lovely Mummy said...

wow, look very serious...u totally different with the wedding photos by just look at ur nose n

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