15 Weeks of Pregnancy

We went for our routine monthly checkup 2 days ago. As usual, the nurse will take down my weight, blood pressure and also urine specimen. My reading is a bit high, 85. Maybe I was nervous with the Triple Test that I was going to do later.

Dr. Vincent did a very thorough scan for me. Baby is about 10.7cm now with the weight of 135gm. We still can't see the gender yet. Dr. Vincent said it is still early to see it. Looks like the chances of getting gal is higher ya. :) My mum said that I might be expecting a baby gal as my tummy looks wide. If a boy, then the tummy supposed to be sharp. Haha... don't know la. The most important is our baby is healthy. That is much more than enough. Overall, baby is active in my tummy. He / she used his /her 2 little hands to cover his / her face. Then opened it up again. Naughty fella.

Ya, talking about the triple test, Dr. Vincent told me that the accuracy is about 70%. Some of their patients detected through the test, but after doing the amniocentesis (miscarriage rate is low, about 0.05%.), the baby is perfectly normal. Anyway, BB and I have decided to carry on with the test. We will get the report in a week time. Darn torturing man!

Medical fees: RM 255


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