His New Job!

It was really a bad evening for me! I went back home & Hubby B told me that he has been offered the job already. Ever since he went for the first interview, I knew that he is going to leave us one fine day. Just that I would never expect it to be so soon. He is excited to share this piece of good news to me but I refused to probe him further. I refused to talk to him because I know I will cry.

He was retrenched in mid-Dec last year. Since he has already has his plan to come back to Melaka for good, I was not worried at all. He told me that he can always get a job here irregardless of the salary offered.

Frankly speaking, I really enjoyed his companionship during this 4 months +. Maybe I am used to have him around, I failed to accept the reality that he will be leaving Melaka soon. Ya, I was also alone during the weekdays before he was retrenched. Why I could accepted it before and not now? Should I blame it on my evil hormone again? I'm a perfectionist. Maybe I feel incomplete without him for the rest of my first pregnancy, my childbirth process and also our soon-to-be parenthood. The connection between us will be getting lesser if he has to go oversea business intensively. Is this a healthy relationship for a family?

I know I was very bad towards him last night. He try to talk to me but I just couldn't face him at all. Whenever he came near to me, my tears poured down immediately. I even sent him a sms to ask him to let me sort my mind out first before we can talk. He is sad too but I'm sorry BB. You know my temper. I do not like to talk when I am unhappy. Once I have cooled myself down, then I will be fine.

It was a sleepless night. I scolded myself for behaving that way. I hate such feelings. We were on the same bed but we were not connected at all. Since the decision has been made, so what are all these worries for? I can't change the situation also. I went to him again to ask for a his "sotong hug" and he pampered me with the tightest hug ever.


Jess said...

I can truly understand your feeling. Ever experience similar case too while I am pregnant, also cry....(hormone problem lar)

My hub still fly very frequent throughout my first pregnancy, but when near to due date, he slowly settle down and pass the "flying" job to his subordinate and spend more time with me. :)

Men need to feed the family, don't give them too much pressure, else their mood will be affected too!

Anyway, take care and congrats on your first pregnancy!

chloeyap said...

first of all, congrats to him on his new job.

Hmmm, i can truly understand your feeling right now... what more you are currently pregnant. Like you said, what to do, decision has been made, otherwise you can shift to kl with him as well, but i don;t see a point as he'll be travelling frequently.

Guess when near delivery he'll travel less and spend more time with ou, but as for parenthood, maybe he can oly be here during te weekends... well by then you'll be very busy with your baby to think of him... however if he's around things maybe easier as 2 person taking care of a baby is easier than taking care alone...

Nevermind, you have us in Melaka, so whenever bored can drop by my house the kids will entertain you and time pass very fast

Cheng Leng said...

Oh what a coincidence. I was just chatting with my married friend just now about how hard it is to be away from her husband. I do realize it is hard and that Mum have been very strong all this while which is why I appreciate her very much.

When I was young, I used to ask Mum how come Daddy is always not around and she would say "So that Daddy can provide for us." To be honest, I do think not having a father around does make a difference, especially for little girls.

Having said that, sometimes we have to make the best out of any situation and not only that, in spite of any situation, to keep in ourselves a cheerful heart. The opposite of that will be to allow situations to plant in ourselves a bitter heart.

I love this Bible verse about a very good wife. It says

She is clothed with strength and dignity;
She can laugh at the days to come.
I pray you will be strong and be able to laugh at the days to come. :)

Lovely Mummy said...

I understand how you feel. but what to do? you should happy that ur hub find a new job. My hub also always travel to outstaion, but he will spend time with me and kid. KL and Malacca are quite near to each other, he can come back home every weekend. :) cheers!

Koji said...

Firstly Congrats to TFeng for his new job.

Secondly, I think he is sad too, the fact that he will be travelling alot soon and wont be seeing u often.

Thirdly, you should be happy for him lah. At least the bread winner is now able to do what he loves doing (his job) and can bring back bigger "roti" back for u. Stay in Melaka hard to get promotion, not that we dont want to stay in melaka. Was offered a chance in KL before, rejected it and that's it lor now. No more offer after that!

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