Ever since I'm pregnant, I have told myself that I will breastfeed Ethan exclusively. My determination got stronger during the moment Dr. Gan brought him to me. He was so smart to search for my nipple and latch it on. The feeling was absolutely good!

However, the journey of breastfeeding is not an easy one. Ethan was landed to hospital due to jaundice. I was so stressed up till my milk production was affected as well. Luckily, we have a savior to help Ethan get through this difficulties moments.

My milk supply has started from the initial 2oz to 4-5 oz now. Though it is not much but I'm trying my best to provide him the best nutrients. I do mix with formula but I tried to minimize it, if possible. My MIL always think that breast milk is not filling. Actually, baby appetite isn't big unless we have tried to stretch their stomach capacity. Recently, I met a pharmacist who is still breastfeeding her daughter till now (7 months old). I was surprised when she told me that her baby is taking 3oz of milk now. However, she told me that her baby is growing healthily and she is much more stronger compared to other babies. See! They are getting enough. Demand = Supply!

Besides, I have also taking fenugreek to boost up my milk production. It does help in some extend. Thanks to my SIL. Hopefully when I resume to work next month, my milk production will still flow in smoothly. :P


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