Ethan was noticed with a bit of yellowish on the 3rd & 4th day. Hence, we sunbathed him for about 10 mins in the morning. MIL did approach to feed him with green grape juice to bring down his biribulin but we refused to. We worried that the juice will cause phlegm to Ethan too.

Sexy Ethan was sunbathed on the 4th day.

The Poliklinik Ayer Keroh nurses told us that Ethan has jaundice after their first visit. (25th Sept) We have also had an appointment with his Peadiactric & my Lactation Consultant, Dr. Gan Yoke Cheng from Hospital Pantai Ayer Keroh.

Dr. Gan asked me to latch him on while she draws his blood because breastmilk acts as a natural pain relief to the baby. However, poor Ethan cried. It was sad to him suffering from the pain but I managed to handle it quite well.

His cot in the hospital. Do you see his sunglasses? Ethan gotta spend at least 2 nights there because Dr. Gan do not wish to draw his blood on the next day (26th Sept). Everyone knows that the biribulin level is not going to be eliminated so fast. His reading is 284 (16.7).

Confinement Lien Jie fed Ethan with green grapes juice. This is his 2nd day dose without the notice of the doctor and nurses. :P

He was stripped naked under the bili light (double phototherapy). He hates to be stripped off but what to do?

My express breast milk to Ethan. Only 40ml per pump. However, we must thank to our friend, Chloe, who is being very helpful and supportive in providing her breast milk to Ethan. She has been supplied up to 4 bottles to us up till today. We really appreciated her help & will get Ethan to thank to this Nai Ma when he is back home.

Ethan is not able to discharge today because the level is at 228 (13.4). Dr. Gan will want to keep him for 1 more day and shall discharge him by tomorrow. Ethan, we are waiting for your return.


Mummy to QiQi said...

so nice of your friend giving some of her bm to baby Ethan. My boys quite yellow too, and the visiting nurse told us that they are at the most yellow on the 5th day. As it wasn't very bad, we do not bring them to hospital, knowing that private hosp will surely tahan there, hehe...

Nicole said...

your bb is cute neh :-)

Maxx said...

The grape juice work fast for jaundice?

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