My Moo Moo Factory

Everyone was impressed when they opened up my freezer. Haha... Actually there is nothing to shout about with my milk production. Some of my friends are even more than mine. :)

Ethan is coming to 5th month soon & my milk production has also dropped. Initially, Dr. Gan is advising me to take 20mg t.d.s of Motilium to boost up my milk supply. But at the end, I have decided not to as Ethan is starting his solid meal soon. Besides, the hectic work schedules has also holding me back from doing so.

So, Ethan boy, Mummy has tried the best and hope you are fine with the arrangement ya. Love u.


Mummy to QiQi said...

congrats to your effort, LiLi. U must be proud!

Caca said...

wow, I admire.

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