Pre-Wedding Shots

Hi folks, do you think that we should wear casual outfits for our next Friday outdoor photo shooting session? I have browsed through many photographers' portfolio lately & I think I'm quite fond with this few photo shots, Robin Ng & TY Lim. Your comment please?

"Don't you think it is a waste for not wearing your gowns for outdoor shooting?"

"Hey you have paid for the package, so why not just wear the gowns? Anyway, it only takes a few hours!"

I'm still convincing Hubby B to accept this concept. Well, I think we will look much to ourselves than posing with the gowns. Besides, we will have our indoor shots with gowns & coats, so why should we wear them on at such a hot weather?

Anyway, this is merely my idea. As a husband & wife, we still need to discuss & compromise to each other. :)

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mixture of casual n wedding will be pretty...

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