Wedding Favor

For the past one month, I have been thinking what type of wedding favor to be given to our guests. I searched from many websites & there are pretty much choices available. However, I prefer somethings which is meaningful & useful.

Then I had lunch with Chloe & I seek for her opinion. Hey surprisingly, she told me that it is quite wasteful to spend on wedding favor. She asked me a very simple question. "Do you keep the wedding favor that you received?" Hmmm.... she is right. Normally I'll just put it in my drawer after coming back from the dinner. When times go by, I will eventually throw it away. Sorry my friends!

After discussed with our beloved family members, we have decided to kick out this from our wedding list. Hurray... we get to save quite a substantial amount of money for our honeymoon.


Catherine said...

My hubby and I decided to have a small mug for our guest. The total cost is about US200 (after currency conversion). We have been paying effort to search for something meaningful. At last we glad to have a printer to print a cartoon and Bible script on the mug. We both happy with this decision. Nonetheless, not bad if you can save some money and buy both yourselves a honeymoon sovenuir as a remarkable memory! said...

During our wedding, we give away 'chap teh' with colourful feathers. Guest love it, it reminds them about this traditional game.
You can also have fridge magnet with your wedding photo, names and date on it. Everyone use fridge magnet so wont be a waste la. If you want let me know i will give u the contact.

Tak Feng & Li Li said...

Hey steph, appreciated your offer very much. Guess we'll still stick to our decision.

chloeyap said...

hahah Steph... kaka later your guests angry me le, cos never get gift... Haha but really la, its a waste of money and people usually don;t keep one... collect dust haha

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