Yeast Infection During 6 Weeks of Pregnancy

I experienced vaginal itchiness recently. Initially I thought it was due to the weather and also the use of panty liner. But the situation got worse. I had some yellowish and greenish discharge. My vulva and labia are suffering from the burning sensation. I can't stand anymore. This morning, it even has a very light spotting on my panty liner.

I visited my OBGYN again. Guess Dr. Vishnu must be wondering why am I visiting him so frequent recently. Haha...

I described my condition to him. He actually told me that it is quite common for pregnant woman to suffer from yeast infection. He put me on suppository. Luckily, the insertion was not a painful one. He also given me some cream to treat for this infection.

The suppository leaked out later in the evening. I also seen some spotting (very mild) when I went to the toilet. Hopefully, this spotting was due to the fungal infection and not anything else. Or could it due to the suppository? Sigh....... woman ah woman!

Consultation fees: RM 30


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