I went for checkup this morning. Dr. Liu did a scan for me & he turned on the speaker. Suddenly I heard "Pi Pa Pi Pa........". It is our baby heartbeat. The tiny heart is beating at the incredible rate. The size is also bigger compared to my last visit. Oh gosh.... it is so amazing. I can't believe that I'm carrying a baby now.

I knew Dr. Liu since I worked in Pfizer. He is always a nice doctor. We chatted for quite a while this morning. He has given me lots of advice and opinion for my this 1st pregnancy. Appreciated it very much.

I called up BB after the checkup (his is up to KL for checkup as well). I can't hide my excitement. Hope to bring him along during my next visit with Dr. Vishnu so that he could also have the chance to hear our baby heartbeat for the very first time. Hehe... still undecided to go under which OGBYN. Will decide after my 1st trimester.

Consultation fees: RM 40.


gary said...

Hi Stef & Tf,
Everthing is gonna be allright!! Don't worry, bcoz Dr Liu is a very good Dr, Trust me! Sharine was also under his care before. Tf, I really miss drinking with you! LOVE you guys & take good care!!!


Alice said...

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steff@lifeadventurez.com said...

Im sure Dr Liu is better and he is always caring n loving oh and also gentle...he was my gynae and deliver Naomi... :)

chloeyap said...

Congrats! Amazing hor, a baby growing inside you!!! Treasure and enjoy your pregnancy and before you know it its time to deliver... Dun worry, you are under good hands of Dr Liu!

Tak Feng and Li Li said...

Gary & Stef: Yes, it is true that Dr. Liu is a caring and patience dr. Thanks.

Chloe: Thanks. It is really amazing that there is a little one in my tummy. Hehe

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