Brownish Spotting

Last Sunday evening, I experienced some brownish spotting. I was worried and has been wondering was it due to my completion of progesterone. After dinner, I came up to the room and googled about this symptom. I read some negative feedback. When Hubby B came up and saw my sour face, he has comforted me and stopped me from browsing the net anymore. The next day, I went to consult Dr. Vishnu. He told me it is quite normal to have this type of discharge during 1st trimester. As long as it is not fresh blood, then the fetus is fine and safe. However, he put me for another 1-month of progesterone due to my past history of endometriosis.

He did an ultrasound for me and we saw the embryo. I even requested him to print out for me.

Dr. Vishnu must be a conservative OBGYN! He said that he understood my joy of being pregnant, but he also advised me to keep my finger cross that the 1st trimester will be passing through smoothly. Yeah, I understood & don't blame him for saying that because miscarriage is most common in the 1st trimester.

My next visit will be on the 1st week of Mar. Just pray hard that everything will go on well and I shall see our baby heartbeat by that time.

Consultation charge: RM 120


Anonymous said...

Congratulation auntie. I am happy to hear that at last your are going to be a mummy. Cheers and take good care.

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