11 Weeks of Pregnancy

I was down with another episode of severe acid reflux again! After dinner, I slept on my stomach straight (this is the best position whenever I have gastric attack). I vomited and burping none stop. I requested BB to make a small cup of MILO for me. It didn't help much but I just prefer some hot stuff at that time.

Since I could not sleep, I watched Revolutionary Road. Surprisingly, the movie did not put me to sleep. In fact, it was a very nice movie though the ending was bad. It was about 1215am when I finished watching the movie. I was still feeling unwell.

BB came back from his badminton. I was about to sleep so did not talk to him much. After a while, he woke me up with a glass of drink. Oh gosh... bitter gout juice again? I told him I didn't want it. He asked me to check out the drink first before complaining. Hmm.... it was honey. Hehe... nice! I saw an article that honey does help to ease indigestion and heartburn.

We went to checkup under Dr. Liu this morning. I complained to him about my acid reflux problem. He said it is normal. He has prescribed Cuplaton (Dimethicone - common addictive to antacids) and Pulin / Maxalon (Metoclopramide hydrochloride - to stop nausea and vomitting) for me to minimize the incident from happen again.

Baby has grown so fast within a week; from 3.79 to 5.5cm. Baby's heartbeat is normal, about 164 times per min. He has also done the Nuchal Translucency scan for baby. However, he gotta wait till our baby is jumping, then only he can catch the thickness to measure. Oh I'm relief now. It was 1.7mm which was normal. He said that anything above 3.5mm would be consider abnormal. We saw our baby's 4D scan for the first time. Baby was so shy that he / she covered the side of the face with the 2 hands. I was excited to see it but my BB was cool. BB, don't you feel excited to see our baby?

Consultation Fees: RM 63


alfredo..... said...

neh...i told u not to worries too much right? hehehe.....

Cheng Leng said...

Next time I must go and see also. Wave to him and scold him a bit. Hehehehehe

Tak Feng and Li Li said...

Thanks Alfred!

Hey Sis, you are welcome to follow me along for my next checkup. :)

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

hi steph, i've enjoyed reading yr journey! hope you're feeling better now wt the doc's prescribed meds. :) *HUGZ* to you & yr baby!! :)

p/s: im doing yr makeover now! shd be able to finish by this week. ;)

Tak Feng and Li Li said...

Hi Jean, thanks. I'm feeling much better now. :)

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