29 Weeks of Pregnancy

I'm entering my 29 weeks of pregnancy now. 30, 31, 32,......38, 39 & 40! D-day is getting nearer. What is my feeling now? Frankly speaking, I don't know. Chin Nee asked about my birth plan the other day. I was blurred for a while. What birth plan are you talking about? Then she started telling me that I could opt for hypnobirthing, dim lights setting, music, etc. When you are so much in pain during that moment, will those stuffs actually help you into deep relaxation? But for sure, I will request Epidural for my labor.

For the past 2 weeks, I have been experiencing some weird feelings around my uterus / cervix?? Hmmm... It is like pulse rhythm but it is much stronger. It wasn't pain at all. I would say it is uncomfortable. Was it a contraction? Hey Ethan, you can't come out now, ok. I kept telling him to wait till Weeks 38 onwards. Hope he got Mummy's message. Haha..


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