27 & 28 Weeks of Pregnancy

It was rather busy weeks for us. I was on duty for 2 days in PJ. Though it was tiring, but I enjoyed the days very much. Mainly bacause our company is closing soon and we cherished the moments of getting together. Besides, I had a good shopping too. I ended up buying most of my stuffs than baby Ethan's one. Haha....

In week 27, baby Ethan's weight was at 1kg, which is normal. He was in the anterior posture so Dr. Vincent failed to capture his face. For this mummy, my weight only increased for another 1kg. So total increase is only 6kg. Is this increment normal?

Consultation fees: RM 50


alfredooooo said...

mummy weight not a concern hahaha..the most important is your baby weight keep increase :P

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