25 & 26 Weeks of Pregnancy

My PUPPP is much better after taking Piriton 4mg & also frequent Olive Oil application. Though the itch is spreading to the back and buttock but it is much more bearable compared to the initial attack! At least I can have a peaceful night nowadays.

Ethan is getting active each day. You can feel his movements very often. He is also very responsive when I played the music for him. Sometimes, I will play with him by tickling him. Haha... Wonder how does he feel in my womb? I remembered that in one of my conversation with Hubby B the other day. I told him that Ethan boy sure afraid of me next time cause I am with him most of the times. So he will prefer to stick to his Daddy as Daddy only sees him during the weekend. Hence, he will definitely play & fullfill most of his needs rather than the evil Mummy. Surprisingly, BB said that he will still punish Ethan boy if he is naughty!

Well, as times go by, I feel that it is not easy to raise up a kid. You need lots of patience and passion throughout their growing journey. I must admit that I am not really a patience person. Recently, my 4 years old nephew KJ doesn't like to do his homework. Whenever we asked him to do his homework, he will give the excuse that he wants his mum to guide him. This 2 days, I have insisted him to finish his homework himself. He will ask his Grandma to hold his hand to write or he will just play with his stationary. I couldn't stand his attitude & scolded him. He cried terribly without any reason. I don't even hit on him. He knows how to write the word but he is just being lazy and lost of concentration. It is hurt to scold him but I just couldn't help it. I guess he didn't feel good too. What are we suppose to do le?? Or we should just let him be and enjoy his entire childhood? Sigh.....Will Ethan feel hurt to see his Mummy behave so furious towards his cousin brother?


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