34 Weeks of Pregnancy

Dad's CABG was a successful one! However, his hospitalization has been prolong due to his fever and also his uncontrollable glucose reading (he has been put on insulin injection now). Mum & brother gotta take care of him over there, especially my poor mum. Dad wanted her to accompany him most of the nights. We were so worried that she couldn't take it due to her health condition. Surprisingly, she is coping it quite well.

Well, I'm getting tired each day, especially my back. The frequent visits to the loo are also made me quite frustrated because it has directly affected my rest as well. But I have also keep on reinforce my message to Ethan that he must wait till at least Week 38. So we both have to bear for another 4 weeks ya. Haha.... Sigh... pregnancy is never an easy task!

Oh ya, while working at Klinik A'Famosa, Dr. Gwee has performed a thorough ultrasound for us with his latest machine. He was so detailed and patience exploring baby Ethan. Lets see the following few pics!

Baby Ethan's little foots.

Part of his face. He likes to hide under my placenta.

His heartbeats.


Dora said...

Yeah bear with it a little more and when ur baby is in ur arms, u'll feel it's just worth it!

Mummy to QiQi said...

wah....so soon gonna give birth liao!

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