Vaginal Delivery

During my early pregnancy, I told myself that I will go for C-section rather than normal delivery due to the pain and complication that we might be facing. Few months down the road, I changed my mind. I communicated with Baby Ethan that both of us should try hard for vaginal delivery but with the help of Epidural Analgesia. Since then, I encourage him now and then when we have the 2 of us time together.

But then again, I'm scare & worry to be alone in the labor room. Hubby B will not be accompanying me throughout the process because he has blood phobia. Sigh.... I just have to make sure that I'll be calm and brave on the D-Day so that I can deliver Baby Ethan safely and healthily. Ethan, we shall "Jia Yu! Jia Yu & Jia Yu!" Hey... not now ya! Mummy & Ethan have made a promise that you should be saying "Hello" at least in Week 38, ok. Daddy, we shall deserve a big hug from you once we see you!


Dora said...

Yeah u can do it!

Jennifer West said...

Vaginal delivery is much considered because of its natural process. Your baby is so adorable. I had VG for my three kids in California, and I must say, I really needed labiaplasty after because of the overstretched skin. You must be proud of yourself!

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